Why Hank Yochum loves teaching at Sweet Briar

| March 2, 2012

Professor Yochum received his PhD from Wake Forest University and BS from the College of Charleston. Prior to joining SBC, he was an Engineer/Member of Technical Staff at Lucent Technologies/OFS Specialty Photonics. Professor Yochum has research interests in experimental condensed matter physics and nanotechnology. He is particularly interested in the design and characterization of nanostructured optical devices and defects in optical materials. Dr. Yochum is also active in middle school science teacher education. He has received funding from NSF, the Jeffress Foundation, and the State Council on Higher Education of Virginia. Dr Yochum’s hobbies include snowboarding and playing with his son. His teaching duties include the Technology and Society engineering design course as well as the math methods course for engineers and physics students.

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