Tearrance Chisholm

Tearrance A. Chisholm is a playwright. It has taken him a few years to own that title, but through the process of reconciling this role with who he is as an artist, it has become an indelible part of his character. Theater has become a filter through which he sees and interprets the world.

As a playwright, Tearrance is interested in exploring the many faces of the African-American experience. He feels that race is a double-edged sword, equipped with both its advantages and shortcomings. It is the exploration of this theme that permeates all of his works.

His works include “Burning Books” (MU New Play Series), “Liddy’s Sammiches, Potions & Baths” (Arkansas Rep; Voices on the River), “Vulpicide” (MU New Play Series) and “A Month of Sundays” (Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival; NYC). Tearrance has also been published in interJACtions: 75 Monologues by some of America’s Finest Playwrights and Arcadia Magazine.