Academic Advising

The first faculty contact for nearly every new and transfer student is her advisor. Matched by general and academic interests, this important relationship serves as students’ first bridge to their future.

After a careful review of each student’s academic goals, a first-year faculty advisor is assigned. During orientation, the student and advisor meet to talk about how to make choices about coursework and academic programs — not only for the first semester, but beyond. All new student advisors are immersed in the College’s programs and knowledgeable about opportunities for independent research, study abroad, internships and post-graduate study and careers.

The primary goal of the advising program is to nurture an independent student capable of making solid decisions about academic — and ultimately — life directions. In the close and connected community of Sweet Briar College, advisors are valuable mentors and advocates. Advisors serve as a sounding board for students’ concerns and are the first to celebrate student success.

As soon as a student identifies her major, minor or the certificate programs she may wish to complete, she will be assigned an advisor in that specific area. Working with an expert in the field allows a deeper focus in a discipline or area of interdisciplinary study. Since these academic advisors remain connected with alumnae who have gone to graduate school or onto a career path, they help current students develop post-graduate goals and real-world contacts. Our faculty also connect students to networks of colleagues throughout the world.

The advising program at Sweet Briar serves to guide each student through the crucial years of building an educational foundation to support her future goals. The priority of faculty advisors is to support students, provide sound guidance, help navigate inevitable challenges and honor successes.