Clubs and Media Organizations

Participation in clubs or media organizations is open to every student on campus regardless of her chosen course of study or specific skills. Clubs and media organizations are under the governance of the Inter-club Council (ICC) and receive funding from the Student Government Association.


GLOW Paints the Sophomore Rock
GLOW paints the Sophomore Rock


Clubs must have at least five active, interested members, including officers.

Active Clubs for 2016-2017

  • Anime Manga Pop Culture
  • Chemistry Club
  • Classics Club
  • College Republicans
  • Cooking Club
  • Environmental Club
  • French Club
  • Gay, Lesbian or Whoever (GLOW)
  • Help Save the Next Girl
  • Minority Student Union (MSU)
  • Riding Council
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS)
  • Sweet Dancers
  • Sweet Potters
  • Vixen Comic Book Club

Media Organizations

The Briar 92.7 FM


Media organizations may have fewer than five members, including officers.

Active Media Organizations for 2016-2017