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Why study psychology?

One of the most popular programs at Sweet Briar, psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. Students explore how our minds work and how to understand ourselves and others. Graduates are equipped with knowledge and skills that are applicable across many career paths, as well as for post-graduate work.

Our program is known for its opportunities for internships, independent research and close collaboration between students and faculty.

Why study psychology at Sweet Briar?

Psychology ClassPsychology is a core discipline in the sciences at Sweet Briar. The program is grounded in research, coursework and off-campus experiences. Because of our small class sizes, faculty know students well and can tailor the program to advance specific academic and professional goals. Students work with the clinical tools psychologists use and have the opportunity to conduct independent research projects and statistical analyses with pro software. They work with faculty on original research and projects that can last for years. This is a common model in graduate school, but not at the undergraduate level.

The program offers both a B.A. and B.S. degree. The B.A,, framed by our liberal arts curriculum, affords flexibility and the opportunity for a double major. The B.S. emphasizes research and training in science, math and neuroscience. Most majors with a B.S. pursue graduate study.

What can you do with a psychology major?

Our majors are effective, confident communicators who lead in science and health-related fields. Seniors at Sweet Briar are accepted into graduate training programs at a rate higher than the national average. Recent Sweet Briar graduates have studied at the University of Virginia, University of Pennsylvania, University of California at Berkeley, Yale, University of North Carolina, Duke and University of Michigan.