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Why study sociology?

People throughout the world are organized into groups of varied sizes — from three individuals drinking coffee to broad-based social movements.

Groups form based on attributes, interests and purpose. Sociology is the study of these groups. Investigating questions of community, social class, race and ethnicity, students research the meaning of identity, inequality and change. Sociologists are concerned with socially patterned behaviors and attitudinal differences and behaviors, such as prejudice and discrimination.

Whether students remain in sociology or choose to work in a different field, the theory and methods learned in the study of sociology help our graduates make sense of the world and their role in it.

Why study sociology at Sweet Briar?

For decades, sociology has been one of Sweet Briar’s most popular majors. Our courses emphasize social structures — families, workplaces and social classes — in relation to social processes like socialization and social mobility. Our approach to sociology provides students with a way of thinking that remains part of their lives long after their final exams. They navigate school, the workplace and society with a deeper understanding because of their immersion in sociology.

What can you do with a sociology major?

Our sociology majors have pursued graduate work in social work, criminal justice, counseling, business management, education, nonprofit work and law. Skills learned in the study of sociology are useful in social research in government and NGO management and in corporate market research.

Recent graduates have launched careers in social work, international development and in the Peace Corps.