Master of Education (M.Ed.)

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) program is designed for men and women who are college graduates with a teaching license and a minimum of three years of teaching experience seeking professional advancement. It is a flexible and personalized part-time or full-time program designed around each candidate’s teaching responsibilities.

Why pursue your M.Ed. at Sweet Briar?

  • Our program continues to build the necessary knowledge and skills to differentiate curriculum and instruction effectively in today’s diverse classrooms.
  • Full or part-time plans of study are individually designed to fit the candidate’s time and professional teaching commitments.
  • Courses are offered in late afternoons and evenings to accommodate teaching responsibilities.
  • Collaboration and mentorships with M.A.T. candidates and a small faculty-to-student ratio enrich and personalize each student’s experience.
  • Our field research project allows candidates to identify an area of interest, need or growth in order to develop an action research proposal, conduct research in their own classrooms, and present the results in a thesis.
  • M.Ed. candidates are paired with teachers in local public schools to collaborate on curriculum and instruction design, gather observational data to determine the visibility of learning, and use this data and research-based principles of coaching to assess the effectiveness of their design.
  • Expert teachers use assessment results to design high quality, differentiated curriculum and instruction. This defines principles and strategies of assessment and responsive teaching in order to effectively match curriculum and instruction with the ongoing needs of learners. Rubrics, quality indicators and performance criteria will be used to assess the effects of teaching as well as learning.

James Alouf Fellowship

Local teachers interested in earning a Master of Education degree can now do so for half the regular tuition with the newly launched James Alouf Fellowship.

The James Alouf Fellowship will be awarded to existing teachers from local counties and includes teachers from the city of Lynchburg and Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, Buckingham, Campbell and Nelson counties. Up to 12 awards will be made for the upcoming academic year. To be considered, teachers must be nominated by their school’s principal or superintendent. Principals/superintendents are asked to send a brief recommendation explaining why they have nominated a particular teacher for this fellowship. Eligible school districts can nominate up to three candidates.

Admission requirements include current teacher licensure, a graduate application, transcripts of coursework with a 2.75 GPA or higher, as well as two letters of recommendation — one letter must be from the applicant’s principal or superintendent. Fellowship recipients are expected to serve as mentors to undergraduate education students.

Sweet Briar College is offering the fellowship in honor of the recently retired Jim Alouf, professor emeritus of education and director of the College’s accredited education program.