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Why study business?

The business program prepares graduates to be successful in the complex, global world of business. Immersed in a rich curriculum that encourages interdisciplinary influences and an international perspective, students develop broad and functional skills. Graduates leave the program with strong communication skills, the ability to analyze and synthesize, and an understanding of the broad cultural and social context in which business occurs.

Why business at Sweet Briar?

All business majors complete a senior capstone project during their final year of study at Sweet Briar. This project brings to life the entrepreneurial spirit that is a hallmark of the program. Student projects range from small business creation to product development.

Business Seminar Class

Our program values experiential learning and applications of business methodology. Under the advisement of faculty, Sweet Briar students explore running businesses, funding events and raising money for charity. They participate in the business seminar lab and marketing efforts, and create and run special projects such as Shop Sweet and Relay for Life.

What can you do with a business major?

Almost anything. For success in the work world after graduation or in graduate study, our students develop skills in finding jobs, job performance and career management. The curriculum is designed to give individual students a hands-on grasp of business methods, business cultures and personnel interactions typically found in business organizations. As a result, our graduates enroll in MBA programs, work in nonprofit organizations, start-up companies and businesses of every size and type.