Students in the social sciences at Sweet Briar College learn to think of the world as their classroom — from Botswana to Croatia to Kazakhstan, from Nepal to Italy, from Virginia to Brazil. By studying the historical context of political conflicts, by examining the health status of the world’s population, by charting the intricate paths of international trade or the status of women’s empowerment in disparate cultures, Sweet Briar’s social sciences students embark upon journeys of discovery. Like alumnae who’ve gone before them, their studies will lead them to careers as lawyers and educators, politicians and economic analysts, urban planners, librarians, managers of health service providers, cyber-intelligence professionals and policy analysts.

The social sciences at Sweet Briar include anthropology and archaeology, economics, history, government and international affairs, sociology, businesseducation and gender studies. Through coursework, research and independent study in these disciplines, students become effective critical thinkers and communicators while developing a nuanced approach to local, national and global challenges in the contemporary world.

Students who pursue the social sciences at Sweet Briar come to recognize that while the answers to historical, political, sociological, economic and anthropological questions are always complex and often open-ended, they have gained the research and analytical skills they need to tackle the fundamental challenges of a rapidly changing world.