Letter from the SGA President

Student Government Association

President’s Message

Over the past two years, I have come to find that each student’s path in choosing to become a Sweet Briar Woman is a cherished story. Personally, I fell in love with the beauty of the campus, the people, and the community on my first college visit as a high school sophomore. Between the warm smiles and eternal pride of each SBC graduate, I knew that attending Sweet Briar was never a question. Looking back, I could’ve never imagined finding a place where my academic passions could be seamlessly combined, student leadership would become such an integral part of my experience, and the opportunity to become the College mascot for a day would ever be shared among a student body.

For these and many more reasons, I have always felt like Sweet Briar is truly a second home. Whether you’re taking professors’ dogs out for walks between classes, watching the annual unsinkable boat race, or attending a dinner at Dean Steele’s house, there’s never a time that you can’t find a way to engage in our beautiful campus and community.

In my experience, I have found Sweet Briar to be a place where your professors invest not only in the evolving students you are inside the classroom, but also the leaders you are becoming outside of it. With that being said, the Sweet Briar community always fosters students to find new ways to flourish and enables them to reach their goals, dreams and aspirations.

Of the many goals for this upcoming year, my biggest is to foster and celebrate our student body’s standard of excellence. As SBC ’72 alum and 2014 Commencement speaker Dr. Virginia “Ginger” Upchurch Collier said, “Commit to excellence in all that you do. This will always move you closer to your dreams.” Whether it’s finding innovative solutions to campus issues or providing students with the resources to reach their goals on and off campus, the SGA is committed to serving the student body with excellence, integrity and enthusiasm in every step.

I hope that you will trust SGA to continually serve our community, nurture our involved and vocal student body, and foster collaboration and support between the College and its students’ goals. I encourage you to become an active member of SGA by either attending a meeting, completing our various campuswide surveys, or supporting your class in their events and meetings. The SGA values the opinions and ideas of the student body and always embraces what each student can contribute to campus life!

If you are just receiving your first daisies or returning for your final rose, I challenge you to use this year to explore your interests, discover new possibilities, and search for opportunities that can make your experience at Sweet Briar as unique and incredible as you are. I am so honored to serve you as SGA president.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email me at [email protected].




Katie Craig ’16