Frequently Asked Questions

When do the academic curriculum and tuition reset changes take effect?

All of these changes take effect with the 2018-2019 academic year.

Will I get to keep my major?


Will I have to re-complete my general education requirements?

No. Your advisor will be ready later this semester to discuss your pathway of study with you.

Does the leadership core mean Sweet Briar is moving away from liberal arts?

No. On the contrary, Sweet Briar remains firmly committed to the liberal arts. Our core curriculum is designed to prepare women to be relevant leaders for today’s society. Required courses from across the three centers of excellence develop the skills and habits of the mind that are the hallmarks of liberal arts excellence. Sweet Briar women learn to be:

  • Multidisciplinary lifelong learners
  • Compelling oral and written communicators
  • Ethical decision-makers
  • Adept in logic and reasoning
  • Skilled project managers
  • Able to synthesize complexity and confident to take action

Is a tuition reset the same as a discount?

No. We are “resetting” the total cost of tuition, room and board to what it was about a decade ago. Rather than charging high tuition then offering deep discounts to make it affordable, we’re telling every student she will not pay more than $34,000 for tuition, room and board. One clear amount makes it much easier for students and families to understand how they can manage their costs.

How does the tuition reset help with affordability and access?

Sweet Briar’s tuition reset brings the cost to a competitive level with selective public universities in Virginia, and makes it highly competitive with out-of-state tuition rates.

The $34,000 comprehensive cost for 2018-2019 is a 32 percent reduction from our 2017-2018 “sticker price.” Our new tuition plan provides cost transparency and predictability for families of all income levels. This makes a Sweet Briar education more affordable and more accessible.

Will scholarships still be available?

Yes. Financial aid will continue for need-based students, and more than 200 scholarships remain available for eligible students.

Will my current financial aid package change?

Not necessarily. Your financial aid package will change to conform with the new tuition cost; that is why we ask you to complete your FAFSA as early as possible (the federal form opens Oct. 1). If your family situation remains the same as in the previous year, your out-of-pocket expenses will not increase.

I am a junior — can I submit a proposal for the $2,000 benefit for experiential learning?

Yes. More information about how to submit a proposal for this funding will be published later this semester.

What impact will these changes have on the value of my Sweet Briar degree when I graduate?

As has been true for Sweet Briar alumnae for over 100 years, the return on a Sweet Briar education far exceeds the investment, no matter the cost. Ninety percent of Sweet Briar graduates have careers or are in graduate school six months after graduation, an outcomes rate that rivals some of the best in the nation. As Sweet Briar’s reputation for excellence, relevance and affordability continues to rise, your degree will be even more valuable in the marketplace.