The Religion Minor

(18 semester hours)

Choose 1 of the following courses
RELG 111: Good and Evil
RELG 177: Introduction to the Study of Religion
RELG 178: Introduction to World Religions

Choose 1 of the following courses
RELG 236: Multicultural Religious America
RELG 241: Judaism
RELG 244: Christianity
RELG 255: Islam

Choose 1 of the following courses
RELG 221: Hindus, Jainas, and Sikhs
RELG 222: Buddhism
RELG 231: Taoism
RELG 248: Religions of Africa
RELG 263: Asian Philosophies

Choose 3 additional three-credit courses in religion or from the approved courses listed below. Two of these three courses must be at or above the 300-level.
ANTH 328: Ritual and Worldview
ARTH 235: Early Medieval Art
ARTH 237: Asian Art
CLAS 201: Classical Mythology
INTD 109: The Religion of Socrates
PHIL 244: Ethics: Theories and Applications
SOCI 260: Sociology of Religion