PSYC 257

Special Topics in Psychology

Prerequisite: GNDR 102 or PSYC 101.Current issues in experimental and applied psychology. Emphasis is placed on reading an evaluation of psychological research. Topics will vary each semester. This course may be repeated once for credit toward the major. Topic for Fall 2013: "Gender and Sexuality." This course is a survey of the major theories and empirical findings in psychological research on gender and sexuality. Topics will include: definitional and methodological issues in the study of gender and sexuality; explanations for observed group differences (e.g., gender differences); how relevant stereotypes arise and are maintained or challenged; the biological and social bases of gender and sexual identities; and close studies of such topics as body image, gendered forms of violence, eating, and exercise. Not open to students who have already earned credit for PSYC 257.02 in Spring 2013. May be counted toward the minor in gender studies.