President’s Cabinet

Sweet Briar College’s president’s cabinet is composed of the senior officers in each division of the College. The cabinet works with the president and the board of directors to keep the College running smoothly.

Robert M. Granger II

Robert GrangerDean of the College
Professor of Chemistry

P | 434-381-6205
F | 434-381-6489
E |
O | Dean’s Office | Fletcher Hall | First Floor

  • Chief academic officer of the College
  • Overall responsibility for all academic operations
  • Academic program and personnel evaluation
  • Curriculum and faculty development activities
  • Liaison to the educational programs committee of the board of directors
  • Budgetary responsibility for all academic departments, programs and academic support functions

Mary Pope Maybank Hutson ’83

Vice President for Alumnae Relations and Development

P | 434-381-6272
F | 434-381-6132
E |
O | Alumnae Relations and Development Office | Boxwood Alumnae House | First Floor

  • Announcement: Sweet Briar names VP for alumnae relations and development
  • Works with the president and the board of directors to devise and establish policies for alumnae and development
  • Serves as advisor to the president regarding alumnae relations and development for the College
  • Responsible for designing and implementing programs that encourage financial and volunteer support of the College

Aaron Mahler

Chief Technology Officer

P | 434-381-6282
E |
O | Technology Services | Cochran Library | Second Floor

  • Oversees College technology infrastructure and related teams
  • Chair of the Academic Technology Planning Group
  • Serves as advisor to the president on matters of technology strategy and policy

Melissa Richards

Melissa RichardsVice President for Communications and Enrollment Management

P | 434-381-6326
F | 434-381-6402
E |
O | Communications Office | Development Building | First Floor

Marcia Thom-Kaley

Marcia Thom-KaleyInterim Dean of Students
Parents Council Liaison

P | 434-381-6134
F | 434-381-6492
E |
O | Student Life Office | Prothro Hall | Second Floor

  • Management of the Office of Student Life
  • Responsible for the successful integration of the student experience with every aspect of the College
  • Partnership with the Academic Resources Center and Academic Advising

James “Rocky” Query

James "Rocky" QueryInterim Vice President for Finance and Administration

P | 434-381-6325
F | 434-381-6288
E |
O | Business Office | Fletcher Hall | Second Floor

  • Announcement: Query to lead College’s financial operations
  • Chief financial and administrative officer of the College
  • Responsible for operation of the business office, campus safety, dining services, hospitality, post office and human resources
  • Chairs committees on faculty housing and safety
  • Administrative liaison on the board of directors’ finance committee
  • Provides contract and legal review
  • Primary contact for governmental and regulatory affairs

Nicole Whitehead

Nicole WhiteheadDirector of Human Resources and Community Engagement
Deputy Title IX Coordinator

P | 434-381-6510
F | 434-381-6486
E |
O | Human Resources Office | Prothro Hall | Second Floor

  • Announcement: Sweet Briar names new human resources director
  • Ensures all human resources efforts and initiatives are integrated and effective in supporting the overall mission, goals and objectives of the institution
  • Participates in institutional planning and decision-making, in addition to broad administrative leadership
  • Provides comprehensive human resources services, including efforts for recruitment, benefits/ERISA, community engagement, retention and development for all faculty and staff
  • Develops employee policy, interpretation and education for compliance with all applicable local, federal and state employment laws