Board of Directors

Sweet Briar Institute was incorporated as a non-stock corporation by an Act of the General Assembly of Virginia approved Feb. 9, 1901. The affairs of the College are managed by a self-perpetuating board of directors consisting of no fewer than 24 nor more than 35 members elected annually at the spring meeting of the board.

Members of the board are elected for three-year terms and include the president of the College, the president of the Alumnae Association, and three alumnae class representatives consisting of one representative from each of the three most recent graduating classes. A director (excluding the president of the College, who has no limit on the number of years or terms he or she can serve) cannot serve more than three successive three-year terms on the board. Directors elected as officers can serve up to one additional three-year term, for a total of up to 12 successive years.

The president of the College and the president of the Alumnae Association are ex-officio members of the board. The president of the College and the chairman of the board are ex-officio members of all committees of the board of directors.

2013-2014 Membership

Executive Committee

Paul G. Rice, B.S.
Chair of the Board
Warrenton, Virginia

Elizabeth H.S. Wyatt ’69, M.B.A.
Vice-Chair of The Board and
Chair, External Affairs Committee
Summit, New Jersey

Elvira McMillan Mannelly ’65, M.A.T.
Secretary of the Board
Atlanta, Georgia

David W. Breneman, Ph.D.
Chair, Educational Programs Committee
Keswick, Virginia

Diane B. Dalton ’67, M.A.
Chair, Committee on Directors
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Judith Wilson Grant ’66, B.A.

Chair, Committee on Development
Greenwood Village, Colorado

Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer ’64, M.A.E.
Chair, Audit Committee
Chair, Buildings and Grounds/Land Use Committee
Essex Junction, Vermont

Karen Gill Meyer ’63, M.A.
Chair, Finance and Investments Committee
Scottsdale, Arizona

Jo Ellen Parker, Ph.D.

President of the College
Sweet Briar, Virginia

Eugene M. Tobin, Ph.D.
Briarcliff Manor, New York


Christine Davis Boulware ’77, B.A.
Alumna Director
Chicago, Illinois

Hilary Bowie ’12, B.A.
Young Alumna Director
Fairfax, Virginia

Winifred Story Davis ’61, M.B.A.
Atlanta, Georgia

Susan Sellers Ewing ’71, B.A.

Richmond, Virginia

Marsha Taylor Horton ’76, Ph.D.
Magnolia, Delaware

Danelle J. Houck ’11, B.A.
Young Alumna Director
Georgetown, Texas

Ann Stuart McKie Kling ’74, B.A.
Dallas, Texas

Richard E. Leslie, B.A.
New York, New York

Sarah M. Lindemann ’13, B.A.

Young Alumna Director
Woodbridge, Virginia

Anne Litle Poulet ’64, M.A.

New York, NY

Yolanda Davis Saunders ’96, B.A.
Woodbridge, Virginia

Susan P. Scanlan ’69, M.A.
Alexandria, Virginia

Julia K. Sutherland ’78, B.A.
Alexandria, Virginia

Sandra Taylor ’74, M.B.A.
President, Alumnae Association
Richmond, Virginia

Emeriti Trustees

Ann Ritchey Baruch ’62
Haverford, PA

Walter H. Brown ’49 hon.
Madison, NJ

Ethel Ogden Burwell ’58
Grosse Point Farms, MI

Nannette McBurney Crowdus ’57
Madison, VA

Michela A. English ’71
Washington, DC

Carol McMurtry Fowler ’57
Austin, TX

Sarah Belk Gambrell ’39
Charlotte, NC

Nancy Hall Green ’64
Atlanta, GA

Bradley Hale, deceased
Atlanta, GA

L. Parker Harrell Jr.
Washington, DC

Dale Hutter Harris ’53
Lynchburg, VA

Nancy Hudler Keuffel ’62
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Frances Griffith Laserson ’70
New York, NY

Sara Finnegan Lycett ’61
Delta, PA

Margaret Sheffield Martin ’48
Atlanta, GA

Norma Patteson Mills ’60
Chattanooga, TN

Vaughan Inge Morrissette ’54
Mobile, AL

Joanne Holbrook Patton ’52
South Hamilton, MA

Joy Kathleen Garcia Pegues ’71
Warrenton, VA

Mark H. Prothro
Wichita Falls, TX

Patricia Powell Pusey ’60
Arlington, VA

Elaine Schuster ’58
Oklahoma City, OK

Allison Stemmons Simon ’63
Irving, TX

Katherine Upchurch Takvorian ’72
Concord, MA

Mildred Newman Thayer ’61
Whitefield, NH

Mary Fleming Finlay Thompson ’66
The Plains, VA

Elizabeth Smith White ’59
Charlotte, NC

Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp ’68
Atlanta, GA