Sweet Briar College has never experienced more excitement and passion than is now occurring on our magnificent campus. Earlier intentions to close this 114-year-old institution were met with an avalanche of women power! Thousands of alumnae immediately sprang into action. Within 100 days, they had taken control of their college, infused it not only with significant financial resources, but also the passion and energy that is now so palpable on our campus.

As the person asked to serve as president after the change in governance, I am pleased to welcome you to this special place at a dramatic time in our history. Here you will see posters and other reminders of our commitment to another 114 years of producing outstanding women leaders. They include:

  • “Roses Still Bloom.”

    The College bears the name of a rose. The Latin motto of the College means: “She who has earned the rose may bear it.” We are committed to a campus of beauty, energy, personal growth, creativity and joy.

  • “Next is Now.”

    This is what we are saying to our alumnae and friends as we call on them for continued support, but it also encapsulates our sense of energy and openness to change. We are open to any suggestion for improvement, and we want to get better every day.

  • “At Sweet Briar, the impossible is just another problem to solve.”

    The Sweet Briar community — faculty, staff, students, alumnae and friends — certainly demonstrated their ability to overcome apparent insurmountable obstacles in the successful efforts to take charge of their college. Our students have this same confidence: They will not accept the possibility that they cannot achieve their goals.

Women who are courageous and audacious enough to become student-scholars engaged with scholar-teachers, who renounce limits to their potential and who reject glass ceilings anywhere, who want to change their communities and the world, who, in short, want to be effective leaders, will find Sweet Briar College a stimulating and nurturing atmosphere. Just as we celebrate the demonstration by our alumnae that they could accomplish the impossible, we welcome a new generation of women who will take that same courage and determination to leadership positions anywhere in the world.

Join us in this extraordinary time of making history at Sweet Briar College!

Phillip C. Stone