SBC★Telecom provides a wide range of communication services in residence halls and student rooms, including:

  • Local telephone service in common area hallways
  • Basic cable TV service in individual student rooms

SBC★Telecom recognizes that many students carry and utilize cell phones instead of traditional landline phones, however, if a student wants to opt in and have a College-owned telephone with her own extension installed in her room, please email Danielle Kane at dkane@sbc.edu with the following information: full name and residence hall room assignment. Prior to arrival, SBC★Telecom will install the phone and assign the extension. When you arrive on campus, please stop by the Telecom office (located behind thw post office) to sign your contract and pick up instructions.

Questions should be directed to Danielle Kane at (434) 381- 6102 or dkane@sbc.edu.