Brief Style Guide

General point of instruction
Printed items (anything printed) must be developed and designed 
through the media, marketing, communications office.* Printed items include publications, giveaways, letterhead, envelopes, banners, and, in the case of athletics, uniforms It also includes websites and web communications (anything on the web**) must be worked through the content manager for the particular department/unit or through media, marketing, communications office. This ensures:

  • editorial assistance and right style (see style guide)
  • application and consistency of the Sweet Briar brand
  • use of funds as part of a larger publications budget

General guidelines used by media, marketing, communications
Fonts: Archer and Eames Century Modern
Secondary Fonts: Eames Century Modern Stencil and Lobster
Colors: PMS 213 (pink) and PMS 368 (green); also 3c2415 (brown)

General logo and art usages

  • Official logo can be used with or without brown box
  • The logo without the rose emblem can be used if necessary
  • The rose can be used by itself as a design element
  • There are several rose designs including a simple two color rose used in the official logo, a more intricate rose, and a compass rose
  • Other elements include vines and leaves
  • The crest, both the traditional diamond crest and the updated crest are both used, many times for the president’s office

Originating a project or request through media, marketing, communications

  • Call us at x6262 and set up a creative meeting with several from our office.
  • In terms of planning, we like to work as much in advance as possible. We realize that the lead time on a project is determined by many factors including the complexity of the piece, the time of year, the number of projects already in line, and the needs for the project (press relationships, photography, copy editing, etc). Here is a brief list of common projects:
    • Event “X” for press release: 5 weeks
We send press releases out at least two weeks before an event, and often three. In order to write and present this to the external audience, we need your information four- to five weeks before your event.
    • Poster for “X” event: 3 weeks
We encourage you to place posters up for your event anywhere from one- to two weeks prior. We need about a week lead time to create it, so that’s about three weeks before your event.
    • Booklet publication: 2 months
Most of these publications are generated and organized by our office, but on occasion there is need for a booklet- style publication. We need some time to make sure photo, copy and design support are all set.


*Exception: student groups who are producing T-shirts and other posters that are for particular use by that group.
** Exception: blog sites that are particularly defined for a specific class.