Signature Lines

We have seen an uptick in the number of visitors to our website from signature lines. It's a small thing that can lead to a really good relationship either with a proseptive student or a prospective donor. We've listed a few phrases and links which may help assist you. We've also included some outdated phrases that shouldn't be used.

Helpful Links
In Gmail, these show up as video stills so they're easily clicked on.

See Sweet Briar College in film:
She's a Sweet Briar Woman
She Will Change the World

A Leader of Tomorrow

You can also simply use one link to your favorite of the three.


Many people like to use phrases. Here are some that reinforce our brand:

  • "She will change the world"
  • "Transforming girls with a dream into leaders of tomorrow."
  • "Empowering and educating young women to build and reshape their world however their passions lead them."
  • "Consider Yourself Home."
  • "Sweet Briar is set on 3,250 acres inthe Blue Ridge Mountain foothills, creating a landscape for learning."


Outdated Phrases
Please don't use these

  • "Think is for Girls"
  • "Sweet Briar provides women with an enduring education that includes broad-based skill development and relevant professional experience."
  • "Remarkable Lives. Remarkable Women."