Marcus Registration for Presenters

All presenters must have a faculty sponsor.
(Co-authors who also plan to co-present must submit separate online registration forms in order to be listed in the program as presenters.)
(Abstracts that exceed the 150 word limit will not be accepted; abstracts that are not properly edited and proofed for grammar and spelling will not be accepted.)
Students may choose to do their presentation in an oral session or a poster session.

Laptops with PowerPoint software and LCD projectors will be set up in the oral presentation rooms.
Foam boards will be set up in the poster session area (boards are 8 ft tall x 3.5 ft wide).

Please indicate any additional equipment you will need for your presentation.

Lunch will be available for all registered attendees and is included with the cost of registration.

Please indicate if you will be attending the conference lunch.

Saturday, August 23, 2014 - 1:32am