The class of 2007 is getting ready to celebrate our 5th reunion. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, but we’re all so excited to see each other soon!

Laura Schaefer writes, “I married Devon Grace on 9/24/2011 in Portland, Ore., with Margaret Loebe ’06 and Rachel Reynolds as bridesmaids. Jennifer Wolf, Maggie Patrick, Natalie Pye, and Angelica Shea-Lamke ’06 celebrated with me. They all, including Caitlin Cashin, chipped in to surprise me with a new class ring just before the rehearsal dinner! Their ode to me and the painted cups made my wedding so much more special than I ever could have imagined. I’m looking forward to seeing these lovely ladies again and can’t wait to visit with everyone else coming to reunion. I still very much enjoying my job at ONPRC as sustainability manager. I was able to represent Sweet Briar at a college fair here in Portland this fall; it was a great afternoon of meeting students and sharing about my experience at Sweet Briar. Just after the wedding, Devon and I bought a house in Beaverton, Ore., and have been busy settling in and making space for friends and family to come visit.

Maggie Saylor Patrick writes, “So much has changed since I last wrote! Martin and I have finally moved home to Ohio, where I’ve started working in Development at Miami U. and Martin is a librarian at the local public library. I’m taking advantage of my employee benefits and working on my M.A. in political science and love being back in school. We’ve just signed an adoption contract for a greyhound named Artemis and are looking forward to bringing her home in Mar.” In Sept., Maggie flew out to Portland for Laura Schaefer’s wedding and loved getting to visit the city and spend time with Jennifer Wolf, Rachel Reynolds, Natalie Pye, and Margaret Loebe ’06. She says, “One of the highlights of the weekend was our surprise gift to Laura—a new class ring, identical to the one she tragically lost in D.C. a couple years ago. We even wrote her a new ode and had painted cups to celebrate the weekend! It was an amazing time and made me miss Sweet Briar and our class even more. I can’t wait for what I know will be the best Reunion ever!

Heidi Trude received a grant from the Warren County Educational Endowment to purchase mini laptops for her students to use in her classroom. She writes, The Northern Virginia Daily newspaper featured an article about the grant I received and how my students are using technology to communicate with our sister school in France. You can find the article online at http://www.nvdaily.com. Heidi is very excited about Reunion!

Danielle Briggs-Hansen continues to work at Systems Planning and Analysis and is living in Alexandria, Va. She attended the wedding of Elsa Mittelholtz Cannon in Oct. along with fellow alumnae Renee Modzelewski ’06, Francine Ely Cannon ’75, Margaret Barnes ’08, Kelsey Jeffers, and Gwen Reyes ’06.

Kelsey Jeffers is living in Charleston, S.C. working for the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps on NOAA Ship Nancy Foster and loving it. She writes, “I’m really bummed that I’ll miss our reunion, but I’ll be in the Atlantic Ocean doing a project for Grey’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary. So have a blast for me!”

Elsa Mittelholtz Cannon married Scott Cannon in a beautiful wedding in Oct. 2012. There was a surprise appearance by Slapshot, the mascot to for the couple’s favorite hockey team, the Washington Capitals. She writes, “The best part was the mini-reunion! Elsa is very excited for the upcoming class of 2007 reunion in May.”

Jennifer Dick says, “I’m hoping to attend Reunion in May, and I’m so excited to see everyone!”

Morgan Lorraine Roach works at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., as a Foreign Policy Research Associate where she conducts research and analysis on Transatlantic relations, Africa and the Middle East. Her research on the “Arab Spring” resulted in her travel to Bahrain in Jan., and she continues to monitor events across the region. Morgan is also a blogger for the Foreign Policy Association and an Africa policy staffer to Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Lynnsey Brown writes, “I got engaged to Brent Wilhelm on Christmas Eve. We’re thrilled and look forward to celebrating with family and friends.”

Rachel Moretta joined BHP Billitons Land Dept. and is working on projects in south Texas and Ark. developing shale opportunities. She writes, “I’m heading back to school in July to get my PLM degree (Professional Landman). I’ve been able to go on a few adventures in the past year since my parents moved to Qatarthat, tiny little country attached to Saudi. Let me tell ya’ll that flight is killer!”

Emily Wiley just bought her first house in Warwick, N.Y. She writes, “Anyone in the area is welcome to stop by! I still ride and show, and I work for the DOJ. I keep up with Jo Gormley, also still riding and going to vet tech school in N.C. Can’t wait to see everyone at reunion!

I, Emily Olson, was able to meet up with Eleanor O’Connor in Chicago for a long weekend in Jan. We had a blast exploring the city. While there I ran into Dr. Jonathan Green and Lynn Buck in the Art Institute, which was a pleasant surprise. I continue to work various theatre jobs in the Detroit metro area including teaching, costuming, performing, and serving on the board of directors for a local community theatre. I too am looking forward to our reunion. I can’t wait to be back on campus and get a chance to catch up with all my classmates in person!

(Emily Olson, [email protected])