Our Reunion this past May was a blast with 24 classmates in attendance. With the aid of a terrific Reunion committee and participating classmates, we SMASHED our class goals for giving and currently hold the record for 5th reunion giving as well as the participation award.

Ivey Tabor Godfrey lives in Wake Forest and is a part-time graphic artist and stay-at-home mom of 3, Caroline (3), Gabriel (18 mos.), and Levi (6 mos.) Ivey just got back from a much needed Mexico vacation and is looking into fundraising options so her husband can minister to local youth while he works on his Ph.D.

Jennifer Jones Collins is still living in Germany with her husband and teaching 7th grade science at Heidelberg Middle School. She and her husband are enjoying Europe and spent their anniversary in Tuscany and Thanksgiving in Paris. They’re very excited to be expecting their first child, William Thomas Collins, due on April 6th!

Charis Lease-Trevathan Chase writes that 2011 has been a crazy busy year for her family with several moves thanks to husband Chris Chase’s job in the Army: From Savannah to Augusta, Georgia, and finally to Clarksville, Tenn.; where they bought their first home, all in less than a year. On 9/20/11 she welcomed their daughter Verity Catherine Chase into the world. It’s awesome being a mom, and she’s enjoying staying home with her sweet little girl for a while.

Jenny Lynn has found a time machine and went from the 17th century into the 18th century. She landed her dream job this past Aug. working for Colonial Williamsburg as a Public Sites Interpreter! If anyone visits the Governor’s Palace or the Capitol, there is a pretty good chance you’ll be on her tour. She’s living in one of the little restored kitchens in the historic area…which is about the size of a Carson single, come to think of it.

Boyfriend of 5 years, Chris Howe, proposed to our very own Cole Shanholtz at the Trevi Fountain on a student travel trip she was leading last summer. The wedding will take place in Athens, Georgia, on 10/6 at the farm where her horse Fidias is boarded. Susan O’Brien will be maid-of-honor, and Carlina Muglia ’07 is also a bridesmaid. Cole is teaching Latin in north Georgia and next year will be moving to wherever Chris is accepted to work on his MFA in new media art.

Hilary Marlene Quesenberry married Timothy Robert Quesenberry on 10/2/11 at Wintergreen Vineyards.

Maggie Murray Watts welcomed a baby boy Callum McCauley Watts on 2/3/12.

Joanna Wood graduated from law school in May 2011, passed the Virginia Bar Exam, and is now working as an associate at a small litigation firm in northern Va. She was happy to see former SBC classmates, Tamra Scott and Lisa Mollica Moore, at Lisa’s wedding back in May.

Courtney Pyrtle was married last June and is taking her pre-lims this spring. If all goes well she’ll be starting her dissertation at this time next year.

Lauren Martin Pinion married Chase Pinion in a beautiful ceremony in Marietta, Georgia, in front of family and friends; Cara Cherry, Tabitha Dixon Ward, and Kassie Caola ’07 who were bridesmaids and Melissa Massy, who even made the journey from Colo.

Laura Ann Toussaint is still enjoying life in D.C. with her husband and beloved dog, Mason. She saw Olivia Ungerer, Hollylane Riley, Sara Coffey, and Shanthi Ramesh for a weekend when they all came back to town. It was great to see so many Sweet Briar girls at once!

Sara Coffey finished her master’s degree at the U. of St. Andrews in Nov. and has had a fun time catching up with friends since then. She’s seen Jane Rangel, Hollylane Riley, Shanthi Ramesh, Olivia Ungerer, Tori LaBrosse, Laura Ann Toussaint, Laura Pearson ’04 and Christine Rangel ’01.

Michelle Badger was elected to the town of Plymouth School Committee (Plymouth, Mass.) and has loved the chance to get involved in her town to help create policy for the students. She started a new job in Feb. working at Mass. Maritime Academy as the assistant director of Advancement and has had many opportunities to travel. She spent a couple of days in San Francisco with Lisa Renfrow ’04 and saw Nicki Brandt; a weekend at Cat Cox’s (’08) farm Spider Hill with Jenn Wiley Schmidt, Rebecca Olander ’09, Megan Behrle ’09, and Beth Farnsworth Warner ’05; N.J. for Caroline Chappell Hazarian ’09 wedding with Victoria Chappell Harvey; and to N.Y. to see Kate Dobie. If anyone finds themselves in the Mass. area let Michelle know! And a reminder from Michelle: We did such a great job at Reunion last May, so don’t forget to make your gift to the Annual Fund this year to continue showing Sweet Briar!

Victoria Chappell Harvey is loving life in northern Japan. She’s teaching English and loves spending time with her Japanese students. This spring she hopes to travel to South Korea with some friends. She’ll be living in Japan until May 2013 and hopes that maybe some more of her SBC friends come to visit!

Colleen Karaffa Murray and Brandon, Rosie (3) and Scarlett (18 mos.) moved to Richmond, Va. They’re in the process of buying their first house. She was so sorry to miss Reunion, but they moved that very weekend! Colleen has a tiny part-time job at Janie and Jack (baby clothing store) and tries to keep up with her etsy shop (songbirdshoppe.etsy.com), but is mostly occupied with the girls and the house hunt. She’s visited SBC a couple of times since the move, and really misses that 3,000-acre yard! Springtime at Sweet Briar with the babies last year was glorious.

Shanthi Ramesh graduated from medical school in May 2011 and moved to Chicago to begin residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University’s Prentice Women’s Hospital. She plans on pursuing fellowship training in Family Planning following residency. In other news, she and fiancé Chris Barker finally set a wedding date for Oct. 2012 in their new city! Can’t wait to catch up with all the SBC ladies!

Kerri Faust Monsalve had an exciting year! She moved to Bogota, Colombia and is working as a 2nd Grade teacher in a biligual school. She was married in Nov. and celebrated the big event with her best friends from Sweet Briar: Melissa Massy, Nicki Brandt, and Julie Drake. She’s enjoying teaching and learning how to be a wife. She and husband Felipe also work in a Christian ministry with indigenous university students in Bogota.

And I, Nicki Brandt spent the past 5 mos. working for The Marine Mammal Center in Calif. One of the major highlights was becoming comfortable restraining sea lions for veterinary procedures and being involved in the stranding response for a gray whale in the Klamath River! I’m currently down in Fla. to work another winter season with Fla. Fish and Wildlife doing aerial surveys studying the endangered North Atlantic right whale. After losing my mom to cancer last year, it’s nice to be on the east coast near family. While out in Calif, I had a chance to catch up with Julie Drake, and on the country trip visited with Mallory Sherwood ’09, Rebecca Penny ’08, Tasha Marie Purcell ’04, Kimberly Gibson ’05 and Melissa Massy.

For those who may not have heard, sadly, Julia Lockwood passed away Sun., 1/22/12 after a lengthy battle with cancer (Metastatic Ewings’s Sarcoma). A student of International Affairs as well as English and Creative Writing, Jules spent time studying at St. Andrew’s University and loved to travel. She was a talented rider, a devoted friend, and a courageous woman. To quote a classmate, “She embodied the SBC motto Rosam Quae Meruit Ferat.”

Please keep us updated with goings-on. If you’d be interested in guest writing for a class blog on any subject of interest, please let me know.

(Nicole Brandt, [email protected])