Kelly Meredith Iacobelli is thrilled to be back in the marketing group at Coca-Cola. She is a director of Industry Communications and she looks forward to several trips to Las Vegas this year. She loves making Sweet Briar connections and bumped into Stacy Meadows Apter in an elevator at Coke, and they recognized each other instantly. Stacy works in the Office of the Treasurer as the director of Global Benefits & Finance. In Oct., Kelly was wearing an SBC sweatshirt at a corn maize. A friend of Wendy Hastings started a conversation with Kelly, and later Kelly and Wendy were able to catch up via email. Wendy coordinates EMS for 3 Georgia counties, is the Sullivan County Coroner, and teaches local EMS through the Dept. of Health at a local community college. She was a field paramedic for 17 years, but when she got married 5 years ago, her husband was much happier for her to have a job where she did not have to wear a bulletproof vest!

Susan Detweiler leads a life of adventure. She has a love in her life—Ned, who shares her passion for the outdoor/travel lifestyle that seasonal contract field work provides. She says she feels like she won the lottery despite the fact that she wasn’t even playing. They’re very similar in many realms including an absolute lack of desire to reproduce and a love of very low-key and healthy/active living. She says they have a “ridiculous amount of fun together.” Recently they went back east to meet his family. On the trip, Susan enjoyed getting together and catching up with Wendy Hastings over lunch. Susan plans to guide climbers in the Tetons again this summer. She and Ned will return to Antartica in the fall.

Kathryn Deriso-Schwartz writes from Miami that her family is doing well. Kacki is a senior at FSU and is heading to medical school. The twins, Burgen and Webb are juniors in high school. Burgen plays the flute in the Wind Ensemble band. Webb graduated from the Fire Fighting Junior Cadet Program. Chandler is busy with photography. She notes, “As for Alan and I, business is finally picking up and we are busy catching up with friends. If any of you are heading down to south Fla., please give me a call.”

Brenda Payne has been retired from work for a year and finds herself missing it. Her daughter, Kristy, had a beautiful wedding at SBC on 2/11/12. Brenda enjoys her grandchildren in Calif.; grandson Austin just turned 5 and granddaughter Zoe is almost 3.

Lisa Thompson Barnes had a beautiful wedding in Vero Beach, Fla., over the Thanksgiving weekend. Lisa’s groom, Trevon Barnes, his groomsmen, along with Lisa’s brother, and both of their fathers wore kilts because Lisa and Trevon both share Scottish/Irish ancestry. Lisa was thrilled to have Stacy Meadows Apter in town for the wedding celebration. Lisa and Trevon had an incredible honeymoon. They went on a transatlantic cruise from Spain back to the U.S. She reports that they’re settling into married life in Vero Beach. Her law practice keeps her busy. She enjoyed attending the annual Sweet Briar alumnae reception in Vero Beach.

Wedding bells also rang for Stacey Sickels Locke who married Lyn Locke in July 2011 at St. Margaret’s Church in Annapolis followed by a reception at Old South Country Club. Her sister, Susan Sickels Dyer ’91, (who lives near Seattle and whom Stacey still calls by her Q.V. nickname, “Buttons and Bows”) was her maid of honor. They honeymooned in St. John, U.S.V.I. Stacey has taken up golf and they enjoy playing together. Lyn has started ice skating, a passion of Stacey’s. Stacey’s boys are well. Leland is in 7th grade and is an avid soccer player. Kent attends a high school in N.H., and they enjoying visiting him there. She loves her job as VP for Development for Global Fund for Children. Lyn works with Intercontinental Hotels. They enjoy traveling and had a wonderful ski trip to Sun Valley in Feb. They’re living in Annapolis in the house she grew up in, which they purchased from her parents.

Kate Cole Hite writes that she loved getting together for a girls’ weekend in D.C. in Feb. with Katie Keogh Weidner, Kathryn Ingham Reese, Mary Halliday Shaw and Whitney Bolt Lewis. They had a blast hanging out and being silly. The weekend activities also included shopping, eating, drinking wine and a bit of karaoke.

Mary Halliday Shaw writes from Atlanta that things are great. Her twins, Jack & Mike are 20 and just finished their sophomore year of college. Kevin is 16 and a sophomore in high school. Mary continues to teach at Holy Spirit Preparatory School and husband Brad is still in Corporate Communications at The Home Depot.

Lee Ann Conard who is a pediatrician writes that she just moved to Cincinnati to work in the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

No news to report from me. I’m looking forward to our 25th reunion, just a year away, May 17-19, 2013. Please make plans to attend!

(Maia Free Jalenak, [email protected])