Colleen Kuebel Berthelot: As we turn 50, some of us are celebrating all year if possible, in a mini reunion, someplace warm, photos to follow! Greetings from New Orleans, 27 years as a commercial real estate broker in New Orleans, mom of 2 wonderful boys Colin (23) Alex (11), headed to London and beyond honoring our half century!

Betsy Becton Hannah was vacationing in Australia. She’s still a financial analyst and volunteers with the Junior League of Honolulu and the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Hawaii. She writes, “think we’ll be back on the mainland in Oct. 2012.”

Liz Rodgers Boyd: The biggest news in the Boyd family is that Louie (my baby!) has been accepted to The Citadel. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d have a cadet son. The beauty of the whole thing is all of the SBC women I have reconnected with during my trips to Charleston. Cathy Toomey Gregorie will be his official mother away from home! I’ve also seen Cheri Burrit Yates, Ginger Reynolds Davis, Helen Pruitt Butler, Erika Dorr Foster and Lizzie Pierpoint Kerrison. Louie has his work cut out for him dealing with SBC women! My older son, Tommy, transferred to Bethel U. and loves it. He’s playing football and basketball. It’s closer to home so we’re going to games again. Tom and I turn 50 this year (as do all of the rest of you!) and celebrate our 25th anniversary. Where does the time go? Life is good.

Ginger Reynolds Davis: Hey to Class of ’84. All is well in Spartanburg. Jeffery will graduate in May. Carter is a rising Jr. at Presbyterian College. I turned 50 last Sept. and a group of my friends, fondly known as the YaYas, this included Debbie Jones, took me to Gettysburg. Had the best birthday ever. 50 is fabulous. Jeff also turned 50 and I took him to Alberta to hunt. Can’t wait to see everyone in 2014. Love to all.

Peg Twohy Devan: All is well in Aspen. I work for the Aspen Ski Company in the winter at Powder Pandas and love it! Bob and I have been back and forth with our daughter showing in Calif. this winter and having a great time. Carolyn ended up reserve circuit champion in the large juniors. Headed to Va. to show Crown Royal with Chris Wynne this summer.

Vida Henry Fonseca: Oops! I was at Mardi Gras and missed the deadline!

Louise Jones Geddes: The half century milestone approaches for Louise and happily all is well with the Geddes family. Oldest son Charlie loves Wofford and is trying to have it all: varsity soccer, fraternities, and some academics too. Second son Giles heads to W&L in Aug. 2012, and he hopes to continue playing soccer. Daughter Lucia heads to high school in Aug. 2012 and dances and plays some sports too. We enjoyed a visit with Jim’s family in Australia over Christmas 2011, and of course we always enjoy visiting with SBC friends, wherever we find them!

Elizabeth Hicks: My husband, Frank, and I keep busy at our restaurant in Winnetka, celebrating 15 years in this location. We’ve been featured on NBC’s The Today Show and in national and local magazines. This spring we’re hosting luncheons in conjunction with the Botanic Garden of Chicago. It’s a tough business, but we find time to vacation at our second home in San Diego, Calif. and our cottage at White Lake, Mich. whenever possible. I enjoy keeping in touch with Lisa Etz Picken ’86.

Juliet Jacobsen Kastorff: This past year has been a bit crazy. If one construction project is good (and stressful), two must be better, especially if one of the two is going on in Ecuador, and the other is going on while out of the country! The shop project is (all but) done; and the RioQuijos EcoLodge & Reserve will be done “mañana!” Will be getting back just in time to welcome a group of SWEBOP ladies coming to N.C. for spring break.

Marguerite Kramer Kircher: This year I celebrated 25 years of marriage to Steve, and 25 years with my Wall Street firm of Wellington Shields & Co., where I was named an equity partner. My daughter Sable (14) started Catholic high school and my son Cullen (12) is in 7th grade at our parish elementary school. Life is busy, but it’s all good and full of rewards.

Anne Richards: I still live at Sweet Briar in my house on Elijah Road. The boys are grown men. The one you might have known, Arie, is a Leut. Col. in the army; has 2 children and a wonderful wife. I’m very involved in quarter scale miniatures.

Beth Bossong Russell: My oldest son took a semester off from college and hiked the Appalachian Trail (Feb-June 2011) and then returned to college this past fall. My second son graduated from Greensboro Day School and went to Tanzania for a semester through NOLS. He’s now in a second semester of NOLS in Baja and will then go to Elon next fall. My daughter is in 10th grade at Episcopal High School and loves it. Our beloved Great Dane died late fall 2011, but we have a new blue Dane coming in 4 weeks!

Laurel Scott: Hey everyone! I moved to Richmond, Va.’s museum district with my fiance James Thompson and our two dogs—very thrilled to be here, although being a country girl, it’s taking awhile to get used to the noise and traffic. I’m still senior editor with Active Interest Media’s Equine Division, working from home and loving every minute. In my spare time, I’m a living historian/reenactor in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, which makes me especially busy when it comes to Civil War Sesquicentennial events and events at Henricus Historical Park (which just celebrated its 400th). To honor my Stonewall Brigade ancestor, I even reenacted as a soldier at the 150th commemoration of the Battle of First Manassas, shooting my Richmond Arsenal rifle for the first time on the field of battle (and in 103-degree heat). I visit my mare Margaret (29), who is happily retired in Aldie, Va., every chance I get, and still try to stay genealogically active in UDC, DAR, Jamestowne Society and Colonial Dames XVIIth Century. I enjoy keeping in touch with fellow SBCers Amy Longley, Erika Dorr Marshall and Sarah Babcock through the miracles of Facebook.

Ann Alleva Taylor: I’ve been making new SBC friends in Vero Beach. I couldn’t believe that I actually had a conversation in English with my old French professor at a cocktail party hosted by Betty Cates. In addition to new SBC friends, I’ve begun a new career as the director of development at the Indian River Land Trust. It’s exciting and fun. The girls are adjusting to not having me around probably more easily than I would like!

(Debbie Hodgkinson Jones, [email protected])