Karen Jaffa: Aug. ’11, I published my first novel, “The Dressage Chronicles.” I’m still riding and just purchased Gia (5), a Holsteiner cross mare. Lawrence is still practicing law with Fisher & Phillips. I see Prudance Saunders Pitcock regularly and keep in touch with Cathy Calello Staples, who just published a book of poetry.

Margaret Hixon Griffith: Have my new art website managed by FASO, just browse Margaret Griffith Fine Art. I’m now a member of Oil Painters of America.

Aimee Kass: I’m an attorney in N.J. for the public defender’s office defending parents whose children have been taken by child services, but don’t have the means to petition the court to get them returned.

Piper Allen Severns: Still in Orlando, Fla., teaching 1st grade at a charter school. Annabel is 11 in Feb. and is busy with ballet, piano and school. My husband Keith is a general contractor and since work there has been slow, he’s now working as our city’s manager. Last summer we traveled through Mich., Wis. and Minn. and had the time of our lives exploring a part of the country we’d never visited. Hope everyone is finding like me that life just keeps getting better!

Lauren Huyett: Still in Concord, Mass., only 1 ½ hours from our Cape Cod house. Kids as follows: Kate (28) NYC, Phil (26) Tufts, Peter (23) Stark Corp at Boston Design Center, Chip (21) Gettysburg College, Susan (17) applying to colleges. Bill is still with McKinsey and Co. and traveling everywhere. I’m still a residential interior decorator and was part of a holiday house tour.

Ashley Wilson Brook: Looking forward to our next reunion and sorry I missed our last one. Mary Grayson (19) loves UNC-Chapel Hill. Sterrett (15) is busy being a Life scout and playing the violin.

Corby Hancock Pine: 13th year of teaching biology at Towson U., love it. I also teach preschool science at a nursery school where Hannah Craighill Morehead teaches. My son is a high school senior and making college decisions and daughter is 9th grader. Look forward to hearing from everyone.

Becky Trulove Symons: I’m in Winston-Salem, less than 5 miles from my parents and sisters. Don and I are empty nesters. Sally graduated from Chapel Hill is in N.Y.C. Elizabeth will graduate in May from UNC and is student teaching 3rd grade in Carrboro, N.C. Anne is a freshman at UNC. Had dinner with Jenney Kelsey Breining in N.Y.C. and ran into Ashley Wilson Brook I see Sally Colhoun Engram around town.

Nancy White: One year since I opened the flower bar in Larchmont, N.Y. It’s been fabulous year. Great staff and have learned a lot. My husband is my partner on this. He’s a retired CEO/actuary of a multi-national corp so he brings the corporate and you all know me. I bring the creativity and enthusiasm to the venture. Just really enjoying life.

Susan Anthony Lineberry: I gained a daughter-in-law in Sept. when Mark married Lindsay in Colo. That makes 4 sons, 2 daughters-in-law and 3 grandchildren. Neal and I enjoy being grandparents to Adam, Claire and Drew. In Dec., I went on the White House Christmas Tour with Cindi Little Townsend and Pat Guild.

Nancy Hatch Schwartzmiller: Still think of our son as a 5-year-old off to school and our daughter dragging a stuffed animal behind her, but reality is, he’s a freshman at UGA and she’s a high school junior with a lacrosse stick. Between working for two financial literacy non-profits, keeping up sports schedules, touring colleges and caring for aged parents, Frank and I have our plates full these days.

Jennny Kelsey Breining: Working the night shift as an RN at Hackensack U. Medical center in northern N.J. About 1 ½ years ago I transferred to the maternal/neonatal unit which is a happier place to work. I’d been working with cancer patients, which is rewarding but sad. My oldest daughter is in N.Y.C. and was an account exec with a PR firm. My son is pursuing a career in screen writing and my youngest is a sophomore at Roanoke College, so I get to Va. about twice a year.

Mary Bingham: My father died in June 2011 in Pittsburgh, Pa. He was 85 years old and lived a good life. My family came with me and we decided to move back to Pittsburgh. It has been fun seeing people and places that I have not seen in a while. I was teaching in Albuquerque, NM so I am currently working on getting my teaching license in Pennsylvania. My two sons are 13 and 16 years old. Hard change for my older son Sam. William has gotten into air soft so he is having fun.

(Mary “Robbie” McBride Bingham, [email protected])