Carolyn Williams Seeling is keeping in touch with Jane Maloney ’74, Cora Snyder, Jane Mooney ’77, Dorothy Lear Mooney ’78, Sophie Crysler Hart ’81. She says, “I just returned from summer in Punta Cana with daughter, Vt. with my twin, trip celebrating 30th wedding anniversary to Korea, Bali, Lombok. It was AMAZING. Planning for cruise to Alaska next summer with 3 sisters. Active member at Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Pa. Special Ed Instructor at local public elementary school. Still living in Audubon, Pa. Son Justin (24) just bought a townhouse nearby in Philadelphia. Daughter, Sarah, entering her sophomore year at Franklin and Marshall (graduated HS from Agnes Irwin).”

Ellen Sellers McDowell: All is well with the McDowells. I got to go to Birmingham to visit my youngest daughter Kate who goes to Samford U. and had dinner with Lochrane Coleman Smith ’76 and her husband Mel. I’m helping Jill Steenhuis ’80 put on a painting workshop in Montgomery in April and looking forward to seeing all the SBC alumnae in Montgomery including Beth Fletcher Lupin ’80. Hope to see all 1977 alumnae at Sweet Briar in May. We’re planning a fun class meeting with a TEX MEX appetizer cook-off. You don’t want to miss it.

Libby White Drbal: Libby and Doug, officially Empty Nesters outside of Princeton, N.J. and are coping pretty well! We may not have an empty nest for long as our oldest, Drew, graduates from Elon U. the same weekend as Reunion. I seem to be joining lots of groups, reconnecting with friends now that we’ve seemed to exit from the kid schedule rat-race. My Empty Nester Group, thought it would be a good idea after several glasses of wine, to register for a Beginners’ Bridge Class. All I can say is, God help the poor teacher having to cope with our table of 4! Here is a small world story: Tyler is a Freshman at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa., along with Andrew Nissman! Molly Reeb Nissman and I ran into each other at The Soup Bar in Dining Hall the first day of school! Too funny. We ended up rooming together at Parents’ Weekend later in the fall, so these four years will be more fun than we ever expected! Hope everyone comes to our 35th Reunion. Some of us have a Riders’ Reunion in April as well, so this is a busy time catching up with great SBC buddies!

Linda Uihlein: I have started a 2nd business, Owl’s Nest Games LLC, which creates an all-USA preparedness outdoor series of board games. I’m working on my 2nd extension with the Live By Your Wits Hiking being the first game. Cycling is complete, but not printed and Skiing is in the works. Kayaking will be next. I still run Em Paks LLC, an emergency preparedness company, which I started in 2004. Both keep me busy. I took an animal rescue course from Nan Stuart’s rescue school. I drive out to Salt Lake City every summer for the Outdoor Retail Summer Market held the first 5 days in Aug. I also fly out in Jan. for their Winter Market. This is my market for my games distributors. Last summer on the way back I audited 7 days of Buck Brannaman’s (The Horse Whisperer). I’m going to spend 8 more days with him in Ariz. in March. Riding with friends will also be part of my trip. I just retired my SAR Jack Russell. I’m still involved in canine SAR and local EMT work. Busy planning a central Va. emergency preparedness demo and trade show with about 25 vendors in late April. I’m the proud guardian of two retired hippotherapy (human therapy on horses). They mow the lawn and keep the pastures in good shape. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2012 Reunion. I always have a room and a hot meal for anyone traveling near Charlottesville, Va.

Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn and husband, Stuart, celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary. Their oldest son (25) is trading options in Los Angeles. Her second son graduated from Vanderbilt U. in May and is studying in Japan for a year. Her twins (17) are graduating from high school and headed to Colo. College and U. of Denver in fall 2012. In June 2011, Vivian enjoyed a cruise to Alaska with her mother. Over winter break, Vivian and Stuart and all four of sons took a 2-week family trip touring Japan. Vivian has been General Counsel at Chicago Underwriting Group, Inc. for 22 years. She also continues to serve on the SBC Visiting Committee for the Riding Program and returns to campus regularly. She’s looking forward to seeing everyone at our 35th reunion. She’s looking forward to seeing many of you at Reunion in May!

Tricia Waters loves her job as Exhibitions Registrar at The Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. where she oversees the temporary exhibitions. Five years ago, she re-entered the job market after a 14-year hiatus raising kids, and happily signed on at the Phillips where she is energized daily by the outstanding collection, programming, and colleagues. On the home front, Tricia and John continue to live in Alexandria, Va., staying active in their aging mothers’ and their maturing children’s lives. Lucy (21) is a Junior at Radford hoping for an internship in N.Y.C. this summer; Will (19) juggles community college, work, and booking house shows for touring bands.

Stephanie Maxson Kenyon: All is well in the Maxson Kenyon household. Our oldest, Jay, started at Lynchburg College this year. He’s playing baseball for them (catcher), so we’re enjoying traveling down Rt. 29 past the Sweet Briar exit to see him. Our youngest is starting to talk about applying to Va. schools. I’m pushing for Washington & Lee!

Debbie Koss McCarthy: Courtney is expecting a little brother for 2 year old angel-child, Anna Grace.

Elvira Cash Pecora: We’re still loving Chapel Hill. Oldest son Greg (26) is working for Duke U. in their Anesthesiology Dept. He tests open heart patients for clinical trials in the hospital as well as throughout N.C. and S.C. He lifeguards and plays soccer on the side. Second son, Kent (23) graduated in June from Dickinson College and went on the following week to win 1st place in the 3rd division steeplechase for the U.S. He lives in Charlottesville and trains with a pre-Olympic running team. He lifeguards and books indoor tennis courts for a country club when he isn’t training with the team. Husband Chip is with SunTrust bank as a financial advisor. I’m at Talbots as a “fashionista advisor”—extraordinary for someone who wore uniforms until college! I’m hoping to pick up a few more people/students to tutor in French this year. Thankfully we are all gainfully employed. Hoping to make the reunion. Just spoke to my old roommate Christine Davis Boulware who has just joined the advisory board. She even found a few lost SBC classmates, like Cain Thomas Linzee. Who else is out there?

Barb Bernick Peyronnet: Doug and I are proud of our Maggie (22). She graduated a semester early from William & Mary and began a master’s in education at VCU in Jan. Annie (17) continues participate in the 3 high school plays a year. She’s involved with Young Life and plans to return this summer to Westview on the James (a Methodist camp) as a senior counselor. Doug is still rockin’ with his 60s and 70s rock and roll band. This past summer they played at a local venue, Dogwood Dell. I continue to love skiing (though not too much this year between no snow and gallbladder surgery) and golf. Our Nine-hole group (I’m the treasurer) hosted the Massey Cancer Center Tournament this year and we sent $45,000 to them for research! From time to time I see Dee Hubble Dolan and Cindy Kendree Theiringer.

Carolyn Williams Seeling: Sarah (19) is a sophomore at Franklin & Marshall, studying psychology and working in F&M’s primate lab; son Justin (25) is living and working full-time in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia and is enrolled in a master’s program at Boston U. for Intl Business Marketing. Carolyn and family enjoyed trips to Korea, Bali, Lombok and India.

(Sally Bonham Mohle, [email protected])