Beth Bates Locke, who lives in Dallas, says that she left operations for Priscilla of Boston after 3.5 years. Beth is now executive concierge with the local Sotheby’s affiliate, Briggs Freeman. Daughter Becky, (20) the baby, is currently going to Brookhaven College after attending University of North Texas. Son Chris Locke has 3 children and is a VP of Southwest BANK Corp. in Little Rock, Ark. Son Claude Locke IV has 2 children, is a sergeant with the Richardson Police Dept. Husband Claude III joined forces with Janimation, where he is executive producer for live action. Beth says she has an interesting, but challenging life!

From Birmingham, Ala., Lochrane Coleman Smith writes that Ellen Sellers McDowell ’77 visited in Feb. Ellen’s daughter is in college at Samford U. in B’ham. In Jan., Lochrane saw Dru Springer Oswalt ’78 and Kathy Jackson Howe ’78 at Mr. Jackson’s funeral in Birmingham. Lochrane’s daughter, Lochrane bought a house 3 miles away and moved 4 weeks ago. But, to save money, her daughter eats dinner with Lochrane and Mel about 4 times a week, which pleases them to no end!

From Fla., Marian Dolan says, “Remember hearing ‘Noel, Noel’ at 4 a.m. when Sweet Tones caroled in the dorms?” Well, Marian and The Choir Project’s Lumina women’s vocal ensemble happily resurrected that piece for their 2011 Advent concert. She also wrote them a 9/11 concert called “Voices of Courage.” Marian was a guest presenter at Festival 500 choral week in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada and will return in 2013. Follow the Choir Project on Facebook (http://bit.ly/FbkCProj).

Lynn Kahler Rogerson enjoyed a luncheon with Maureen O’Hearn Slowinski and her mother (93). Maureen’s husband Hill has handled 3 real estate sales for Lynn in Alexandria, so their families are in touch. Lynn’s nonprofit organization, Art Services International, is launching a new museum tour in N.Y.C. in March at the Japan Society Gallery, entitled “DECO JAPAN: Shaping Art and Culture, 1920-1945.” Hope that SBCers in N.Y.C. will get to see it. She also enjoys continued work on the SBC Friends of Art Board. Lynn’s daughter is now in 7th grade and excited because she has just gone on Pointe in ballet.

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than 30 years since graduation, but Debrarae Karnes says has changed little; still lives in the house her father built in 1962 in Stafford, Va., still practicing land use law, she scuba dives, and survived 2 knee replacements about 18 months ago.

From Mont., Cheryl Lux Cobb writes that daughter, Elizabeth Cobb, is now a first-year at SBC, part of the class of ’15. Cheryl met her friends and their parents last Oct. on Parents/Homecoming Weekend. (Are we this old or are they just that young?) Elizabeth loves SBC, her professors and classes, and has lots of homework! Cheryl, husband John, son Adam are all well and busy at the ranch. They’re performance testing breeding bulls and preparing for their annual spring sale in April. Lots of changes in the cattle business. For the past 2 years, all feeder calves have been sold on the NHTC program qualifying them to feed Europe. After visiting SBC, Cheryl visited customers in the east and midwest, and the meat packers in Neb. expect that meat exports will increase to 25% or more of U.S. production going overseas. All the oil and gas activity has drained much of the ranch employee population to the oilfields where they can make so much more money. For now, they’re on an international worker program and have 2 very hardworking young men from South Africa who are freezing in the cold Mont. weather! The Cobb family went to Hawaii last May to visit Cheryl’s family there and for a vacation—first vacation in 5 years.

Marilyn “Mare” Moran sent news that in Aug., Hurricane Irene sent 2 trees down crushing part of her house in Larchmont, N.Y., and they have just finished reconstruction in Jan. On a brighter note, Mare and her son are pursuing their love of photography and both have works in 2 separate local exhibits. Exciting! Mare will be taking her camera to Sedona, Ariz. and the Grand Canyon in Feb.

Meg Shields Duke writes that she and husband Jamie had a fun fall dinner in Richmond, Va., with Mary Beth Hamlin Finke ’76 and beau Jimmy Shannon before the wedding festivities began for the daughter of Gray Thomas Payne ’75. At that wedding, Meg also enjoyed catching up with Ann Wesley Ramsey ’75 and Beth Montgomery ’75. Gray and Tom were guests of the Dukes in Vail, Colo., over Martin Luther King weekend. As Sweet Briar representative to Denver’s “College for a Day” committee, Meg also reports that this year’s recent event was extremely successful. This organization of nine colleges (the “Seven Sisters,” plus Sweet Briar and Mills College) rotates bringing in professors from their colleges each Jan. This year Meg selected SBC Environmental Economics Prof Rob Alexander, who spoke to a sell-out crowd of 300 at the Botanic Gardens on the topic of economic incentives for wildlife conservation.

From St. Louis, Mo., Ann Stryker Busch is excited to tell about her oldest daughter, Katie getting engaged to be married in September 2012. Middle child Allie started her own business, AM Busch Performance Horses, which breaks and trains horses, and is doing quite well. Ann’s son has one more year at Colo. State U. and is a finance major. Although Ann is now single and almost an empty nester, she is busier than ever with wedding planning, helping with the horses and trying to keep track of her son.

And I, your Class Secretary, Cissy Humphrey, am living proof you can reinvent yourself at any age! I’m 3rd generation Oil & Gas Texan and finally have employment in the Oil & Gas industry after years in Legal and Telecom. I’m using my International Law skills from Prof. Ken Grimm’s class! When I helped out with my father’s independent oil and gas business in the 1970s and 80s, everything was done manually. In 2012, everything is computerized and I’m learning the business from a whole new perspective! Keep those notes coming in!

(Cissy Humphrey, [email protected])