Elizabeth Andrews Watts writes “Bobby and I are enjoying our 20th year at Episcopal High School, where Bobby teaches and coaches, and I’m the school photographer and a member of the development staff. Our son, Rob, and his family now live in Norfolk, where he is stationed with the Navy. This time last year they were in Japan when the earthquake and tsunami hit. Rob was sent out on his ship for relief work and his wife, Alden, had to evacuate with their two boys, ages 21 months and 1 week. We’re happy to have them back in this part of the world. Our daughter, Betsy, and her husband, David, are living in Atlanta and expecting their first child (a girl!) on their 8th anniversary, July 3rd.” Mary Bush Norwood was unable to attend our last reunion because she was running for Mayor of Atlanta. Regretfully, Mary did not win the election, but since then she has been as busy as ever contributing to her community and improving the quality of life in Atlanta. Mary and husband Felton served as chairs of the Southeastern Flower Show in 2011. Mary is currently serving as president of the Cherokee Garden Club, (GCA) and will be in Washington with GCA talking with members of Congress on 3/1/12 with all GCA clubs across the country.

Sandra Taylor is now a compliance manager with Suntrust Bank in Richmond, Va. and loves her new position. After serving on the board of trustees at Sweet Briar for a number of years, Sandra is now on the board of the Young Women’s Christian League, Inc. She’s also awaiting the birth of a new nephew in March.

Meredith Thompson Sullivan writes, “John and I are just back from a Feb. cruise along the west coast of South America. The highlight of our trip was an excursion to the Inca’s hidden village of stone, Machu Picchu, high in the Andes. We were amazed at the civilization that created it and how the ruins were discovered. We later sailed through the Panama Canal and marveled at how it was engineered over 100 years ago and is still operating with the same locks as it had when it was built. Saw Jo Ellen Lenoir Blunk ’75 while in Houston for a brief visit over the Christmas holidays. After Christmas at home in Mont., we flew down to our new place at The Boulders in Carefree, Ariz., where we rang in the New Year with friends. We’re leaving in a couple of weeks to return to the desert. Let us know if anyone is vacationing out there and we’ll get together at a spa for a massage or let’s just go for a Margarita!”

Mary Witt concluded her term as president of the UVA Medical Alumni Association. Mary writes, “This was a particular honor for me, being the first woman in this position. The opportunity brought memorable times with medical students, colleagues and friends.” Mary, Janie Reeb Short and Sandra Taylor had a great time at the Bizarre Bazaar, a Christmas-time shopping event in Richmond. Mary sees Liz Thomas Camp about twice a year when work travel takes her to Atlanta. She is very much looking forward to our next reunion.

Beth Francke Lynn became a grandmother in Sept. when her daughter, Ann Bailey, had a baby girl, Lillian Bell Lipsett. Beth continues her teaching career in northern Va.

Kathryn Telfer writes, “I believe the last time I had any contact with Sweet Briar chums (with the exception of Mac Cuthbert Langley) was 1976. Besides having been seriously anorexic from 1974-1999, I got married in 1982 and had 2 children, Courtenay Elizabeth Johnson (27) and Telfer Rockwell Johnson (23). My marriage ended in 1995, but we remain wonderful friends. Between 1983-1998 I was hospitalized 12 times for the side effects of chronic starvation and metabolic problems. When my son was born and diagnosed with Autism, I began to see that going into the hospital 4 months out of a year would not assist our efforts to get our son all the early intervention available. Then in 1999 I suddenly found myself horrendously regretting all the energy I’d poured into leading such a sick, self-destructive life and stopped the bouts with malnutrition once and for all. However, I had already done too much irreversible physical damage, so I will pay for my behavior for the rest of my life. I’ve tried to focus on living a self-satisfied, relatively healthy lifestyle. When I’m not attending to my gamut of health issues, I do part-time substitute teaching, paint watercolor abstracts, volunteer at the homeless shelter and Arbor Hospice. I’m very proud of my daughter, Courtenay, who is an assistant producer to Bennett Miller (who produced “Capote” and “Moneyball,” among other things). She went to N.Y.C. 2 years ago and was immediately successful getting work on “Lipstick Jungle” plus a couple of films. Now she’s being exposed to all aspects of the film industry. My son works at the Sporting Wear and Gear store that supplies all of the Univ. of Mich. athletic teams. He drives and will probably go back to school to obtain vocational training. I often reflect on what a great experience college was.

I enjoy seeing Meredith Thompson Sullivan and Tricia Barnett Greenberg at least once a year. My husband and I had a wonderful time with Meredith and John in Mont. last fall and celebrated our 27th anniversary in Feb. 2011 with Tricia and Phil in Charleston, S.C. Penn and I are enjoying our “empty nest” status, although it isn’t very empty with 2 cats and 2 dogs that are both under one year old. If any of you are in Atlanta, I’d love to get together. In the meantime, keep sending your news.

(Rosalind Ray Spell, [email protected]; Meredith Thompson Sullivan, [email protected])