Sue Dern Plank: We were in Belize for several weeks in Nov., then had friends and family here for the long Thanksgiving weekend. In Jan., I accompanied my husband to his company’s annual meeting in Savannah, Georgia. While he was stuck inside at meetings, I reconnected with a longtime friend for a great 2 days of sightseeing, eating and catching up on the details of the past 25 years. David and I then headed to Clarksville, Tenn., to see our daughter and her husband. They’re expecting our first grandchild in June. Due to a complete lack of snow in our area, classes at the environmental education center where I volunteer have been almost non-existent. As a result I’m looking forward to spring in a way that I usually don’t. Start planning now to attend our 40th Reunion—it’s just around the corner on May 31-June 2, 2013—no excuses for not coming! We want to see all of you on campus!

Barb Prentiss: My oldest son John and his wife MacKenzie are expecting their 2nd child in Sept. They, and baby Christopher (7 mos.), are visiting for 10 days next month. John is planning to surprise younger brother, Chris who will be home on leave from Bahrain. Chris is in the Coast Guard and has been stationed in the Middle East since last May. This tour of duty is up the end of April and Chris, and his wife Mackenzie (yes, I have two daughters-in-law with the same name!), will be stationed in Hawaii upon his return. I suspect we will have several family reunions planned over the next 3 years in Hawaii!! Last Nov. I accepted a promotion to become the director of information technology for the School of Medicine at the Univ. of Washington. It is my passion, and I love this work and look forward to this second career! My family is well, and we are looking forward to a good year.

Jane Perry McCutchen McFadden: Our oldest son, wife and daughter have moved to the Charleston area with another granddaughter born in Sept. Santa couldn’t resist—a miniature horse named Princess arrived at our farm! Such fun to be grandparents!

Jane Knutson James: Michael is still at the LA Times (as long as newspapers exist), and I’m in my third semester of art classes at a local community college. I love it. When not in class I’m doing lots of yoga. Our children are married and live close enough so we get to spend time together. It’s wonderful to be friends with them! Life is good!

Renee Sterling: There was a wonderful lunch for incoming students in Dallas last Sat.; caught up with Ann Stuart Kling, Tennesee Nielsen, Cissy Humphrey, Beth Bates and so many others. The new recruiting literature I saw was creative and so appealing! Have been shuttling back and forth from Dallas to LA for my estate planning business. Will try to make reunion!

Rene Conover Reed: Time continues to march on. Have been busy enjoying my granddaughter, Ava (6), a live wire. She certainly gives my daughter, Melissa, a run for her money. Must be SBC material! We’re so excited because in May, we will have a doctor in the house. My son, Craig, will graduate from Wake Forest Medical School. We’re anxiously waiting to learn where he will match for his residency. I can only hope that it will be somewhere close to home.

Kathy Pretzfelder Steele: Lots happening in our lives this year. We’re building a home on a lake in Mount Dora, Fla. and plan to relocate from N.J. this summer. I will continue to work remotely for my N.J.-based employer for a few more years. Our daughter, Tracy, an attorney, moved from Chicago to Atlanta in 2011 and our other daughter, Kelly, an animal trainer at Sea World, and her husband live near Orlando and are expecting our first grandchild in June. We’re excited at the prospect of being close to our daughters and grandchild.

Carol Anne Provence Gallivan: I’m so blessed to report that we’re all well. Mills continues to head up his law firm, and loves it still. I’m so proud of all of his accomplishments. We’ve been traveling a good bit, as he has become involved with several attorney organizations, which has allowed us to become friends with the most wonderful people from all over the country and abroad. It’s been such an enriching and rewarding opportunity for both of us. Our oldest daughter, Anne Genevieve, has her own marketing firm in Greenville, and is happy with her continuing association with Young Life. Our son, Henry, is an attorney in Greenville, and is married to a lovely attorney, Mandy, who is expecting their first baby and our first grandchild in mid-March! We cannot wait for this whole new world to begin! Harriet, our youngest daughter, was married last Dec. to a wonderful young man, Matt, and they live in West Palm Beach, Fla. He’s in the Sugar Industry, and she, with her Masters in OT, works at a Rehab Hospital there. We miss being able to see her regularly, but try to fly back and forth as often as we can.

Linda Lipscomb: I’m enjoying living and working (very hard) in Richmond with a lot of commuting back to Dallas. This fall has resembled an extended SBC reunion. In Richmond, I have had great visits with Jane Potts, Lacy Williams, Lisa Wickham Haskell, and Melinda Williams Davis. Over the holidays, I was in New Orleans for Cary Davis King’s daughter’s wedding and saw Deborah Ziegler Hopkins and Terry Christovich.

Christine Eng Leventhal: I’m still teaching Forensic Science, Genetics, and Authentic Science Research at Darien High School, as well as one fitness class a week at our local Parks & Rec. Last summer our extended family spent 2 wonderful weeks on Block Island, and I spent a week at the Henry Lee Institute of Forensic Science taking a class in Recovery of Human Remains and Forensic Anthropology. My husband Peter has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and we’re learning how best to deal with it. He continues his work at his natural food store and in nutritional counseling, as well as teaching tai chi. We both make our health a priority, now more than ever. Our 3 children are doing well.

Diane Dale Reiling: Chuck and I are enjoying retirement in S. Ore.! We’ve rented a house on the golf course for this first year, and we hope to buy a permanent new home later this fall. We’re dabbling in this and that. I worked at Macy’s for the holidays, and now I’m selling things on eBay for some extra cash. The weather is great in Medford (sunnier than Seattle) and the cost of living is much lower here. There’s a growing wine industry in the area that is fun too. With NO sales tax! Both of our kids have been to visit, (Steven is in Seattle and Erica is now in LA) and they approve of our choice. I even organized a SBC Day luncheon with 3 other alumnae from Ashland, Ore., so I’m getting established and making new friends here. I already have Reunion 2013 on my calendar as I would not miss a chance to connect with “old” friends either—imagine, 40 years ago!

Weezie Blakeslee Gilpin has had a busy, exciting year. Christopher (aka Critter, even at 30) and his wife Allison are living in Freshwater, Aus. where he manages a Lululemon. Allison is on leave from her teaching job having given birth to their first child (and our first grandchild). He and Allison are the proud parents of daughter, Matilda (Tillie) Grace Gilpin born on 9/28; she already has 2 passports. Alexa married Mike Janssen on 10/15 in Luray, Va., on a beautiful fall day. Blake and Abbey had their first child, Bear Blakeslee Gilpin, (the name was a surprise, but I should be glad it’s not Blue Ivy) on 2/8 in Columbia, S.C., where he’s teaching at the university. I’m only 6 days away from going to meet Bear. I hope to see Mac Cuthbert Langley, Johnny, and any of their children who are in town while we’re there. I’ve made the decision to move back east, probably to the Boston area. Almost 5 years of living bi-coastally was a high wear and tear arrangement and with the babies’ arrivals; we want to be together all the time, not 2 wks on, then 2 wks off. My job hunt is on, but my not-so-secret hope is to find nothing and HAVE to go visit grandchildren instead. Leaving La Jolla and San Diego will not be easy, but we’re planning a cross-country adventure beginning on May 1, up the west coast to Vancouver, Lake Louise, and through glacial Mountain Park. We are sure that San Diego will be a frequent destination for us, the ideal way to beat east coast winters. Bob’s college consulting business thrives and families appreciate the support, guidance and common sense that he brings to these students and their parents, helping find families ways to help their children succeed. A student from my school has chosen SBC for next fall, and I’m so pleased. Can’t wait to see everyone at the reunion in 2013. Doing lots of pilates and yoga so I can be an active grandmother, although consistently losing my reading glasses does identify me as a old(er) ditz.

Sandie Schwartz Tropper: This past year I served as the Chair of The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council. I’ve been the representative of the Am. Society of Appraisers to the Council for 5 years. This year I’m also the International Chair of Education for the Am. Society of Appraisers. In addition to appraising fine art (which is what I really do to make a living), I’ve been teaching Principles of Valuation courses for personal property appraisers at various universities including the Univ. of Calif. at Irvine and the R.I. School of Design.

Reynolds and I are still happily ensconced in our now not-so-new home, where I enjoy riding, painting, gardening, hiking, fishing and our trips to Mont. for more of the same. Amongst all this he is still practicing veterinarian medicine. I love getting the news from you all, and I’m looking forward to our 2013 reunion. I have developed more new friendships at reunions with people I didn’t know very well while at SBC. So plan on coming to see new and old friends and let’s try to have a big turnout.

(Evelyn Carter Cowles, [email protected])