Andrea Bateman: I love the FB group page. It is so much fun to read. I am still lawyering. I have become active through church delivering food to families of homeless school children through their guidance counselors, and I am serving on the Outreach Committee. The task is so daunting and people do not seem to be moving upwards. The church has received 2 grants for the food distribution, and we joined Second Harvest Food Bank. I am part of a writing workshop and volunteering for a historic museum.

Barbara Brand: Huge changes for me in 2011—my husband, Michael O’Heeron, died in Aug. of pneumonia. He had just completed 3 months of intensive chemotherapy for recurrence of oral cancer, which he had been battling since 2008. So, keeping very busy has been my best therapy, and this 197-year-old house could certainly use some attention. I missed our 40th reunion, but will see you all at our 45th.

Wendy Norton Brown: Our first grandchild was born 9/30/11! We are thrilled to be babysitting him 4 days a week for a few months until he gets into day care. I am getting nothing done except thoroughly enjoying bonding with precious “Ren.”

Kate Comer Diehl: I started the most wonderful job of my life last year. I moved in with my pregnant daughter Genna and her husband Mark Tricarico to help out with the impending arrival of my first granddaughter. Seems being laid off from my job resulted in a fabulous opportunity! Baby Ileana Johanna Tricarico was born 8/8/11, and I’m having the time of my life taking care of her and her momma and pappa. It’s also given me the chance to become even closer to my daughter. And the bonus is my son Justin and his fiance Mandy also live in Petaluma, so every day brings more joy and challenges into my life. And even though I couldn’t get my daughter to go to SBC, there is always a chance Ileana will want to go! Hooray!

Brooke Thomas Dold: Hello to everyone. It was so impressive to see how the sad news of Gale’s illness brought everyone together electronically. I’m not very involved with Facebook; I have an account but don’t do much chatting etc. I’m still working full time as a paralegal for a law firm that specializes in Municipal Finance (our clients are utlity districts). Wylie is retired and anxious for me to retire. Two of my children are married and busy with their lives and careers. My youngest daughter is working on her degree in fashion design. My mother continues to enjoy good health, and I try to visit her in Conn. as often as I can.

Brooke Carol Remington Foglesong: Our 40th reunion in May was great fun. If you were there, you know; if you weren’t, you missed it, and we missed you. We reconnected with smiles, hugs and conversations Fri. night. We burned up the dance floor and showed the others how to have a good time Sat. night. And without 1971, there wouldn’t have been much (if any) choir for Sun. Alumnae Memorial Chapel.

Bev Van Zandt, Anne Milbank Mell and I agreed to be class secretaries. We each have 1/3 of the class. We encourage you to upload directly to this site. Don’t forget your special moment photos. You can find a crop of us (about 45) connected via FB and our Sweet Briar College Class of 1971 group page.

Kathleen Burns Halperin: I’m so delighted to be using my prime gift of joy leading Laughter Workshops. In these fast-paced, somewhat chaotic times, we forget what a beautiful tool we have to boost our immune systems, release stress and help the world raise its happiness frequency. Keep Laughing!

Pamolu Oldham: I loved Patzcuaro, Mexico and plan to be back next year. I was able to meet many of the potters in their homes, seeing photos of ancestors who had lived in the same place, making pots. I was so touched by the spirit, celebrative and deep, and the close connection between craft and living and invention and spirit. My words peel away from the “beautiful truths” that reached me there, so I’m back in Fayetteville, N.C., writing, letting go of such a busy, demanding, distracting teaching schedule. Only one course right now, and who can’t gush over Lawrence or O’Connor 5 hours a week? So life is good. Jess, her husband Dan, and son Will (2) are thriving in Brooklyn. I saw them for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Jacqueline Penny: All’s well here in Fla., albeit very windy this winter. Still teaching Adult Ed at the nearby state college part time and giving private computer lessons to the elderly. In my “old age,” I’ve developed patience. Have no clue why! So it’s nice to help some of those who need it. Enjoying sunny days, nice beach walks, my wonderful parents, dear cats and lots of good books. Planning a trip to Newfoundland this summer to visit my father’s new found (pun intended) relatives. Life flies by, but every day is a gift. Aren’t we lucky to all have one another?

Alicia Yust Rowe: Our news is our new grandson, Rowan (1). He is number 4 for us and a delight. I continue to be involved with Arts for Rural Texas near where our farm is, and we enjoy spending weekends there when we can. ARTS is a small nonprofit bringing the visual and performing arts to children in rural areas. We are always seeking original art to auction for this cause if any classmates are artists and would be willing to help by sharing their artistic gift, it would be greatly appreciated.

Susan Schmidt: As developmental editor, Susu advises authors how to revise book manuscripts for publication, both scholarly and popular, including self-published novels and memoirs: www.susanschmidt.net. Happy in Beaufort, on the coast of N.C., she rows and kayaks, gardens, walks dog, and does yoga. She wants to sell her house in Asheville.

Beverly Van Zandt: All is going so well in San Miguel. The climate, caring Mexican people and expats, and so many things to learn and discover make SMA ideal. Daughters, Beverly and Roberta, are doing well, and I see them just about as often from Mex as from Texas. Beverly is married and teaching school in Dallas, and Roberta works in hedge funds in N.Y.C. Planning a whirlwind trip to Texas, the east coast, and Aspen this summer. Working on a nonprofit in Aspen and will be there the longest time period. Are there any alumnae nearby? Would love to get together in Colo. Also would love to have guests in San Miguel—it’s really safe, particularly when you fly. Just let me know when to pick you up at the Leon (BJX) airport.

Miriam Meglan Washabaugh: Vaughn and I have little news to report. Am still enjoying the challenge of my church job, and I’m still studying organ. Every time I drive to Philadelphia for a lesson, I pinch myself in amazement that someone of his stature would make time to work with me. I enjoy following Kristin Herzog’s (’70) development as an artist via Facebook. She’s so talented and prolific. It’s a joy to participate vicariously in something so dynamic and exciting. I also enjoy a lively email correspondence with Susan Greenwald ’71.

Barbara Wuehrmann: I’m still semi-retired working part-time both in Mich. in the summer/fall and Ariz. in the winter/spring. Winters are spent in Green Valley, Ariz., where I’m active in the hiking club and working for the United Community Health Center, which has multiple locations south of Tucson serving the rural underserved population. I keep taking Spanish lessons, but I think at our age it’s very difficult to learn a new language. My husband, Jim Palazzolo, is retired. I have 2 stepsons and 4 step-grandkids. James (an executive with a medical device company) and family in Silicon Valley area of Calif. and Mark(OB-GYN) and family in Orlando, Fla. Summers in Mich. are spent at our lake house. I like to bike ride on our great trail system nearby and kayak on our lake. I also work for a rural clinic in western Mich. I travel when I can and will be hiking in the Czech Republic for 2 weeks in May with a friend. My husband prefers not to travel. I have kept up with Betty Rau Santandrea ’70 in Corning, N.Y. We had a lovely visit there about 16 months ago.

Diana Zeidel: It’s been a lovely year for Jon and me. We love living in Fla. (we still spend the summers in Del. where we see lots of family) and had a great time last winter when Mimi Pitts Dixon and Caroline Tuttle Murray came to visit. We did all the Fla. things: antique shows, showhouses, beach, pool, etc. (although we all try to avoid the sun now!) Marilyn Kolb was supposed to come, but couldn’t at the last minute. We miss her and wish she had been able to join us; we were absolutely shocked by her death in the spring. Both Jon and I still do some part-time consulting/training work in D.C. The best part about it for me is the chance to see Mimi and Caroline. Caroline and I met in Richmond last Sept. Our girls are all doing great and our 3 grandchildren are adorable and getting so big: Ruth will be 11, Nora 9, and Cooper just turned 7. My parents live in Fla. near us and are doing well. Jon stays busy playing tennis. I do some volunteer work, garden and have learned to play mah jong. Travel, since we have a geriatric diabetic dog, has been limited, mostly trips to D.C. or to see the girls, but life is good and we are thankful for our good health, family, and friends. Hope everyone has a wonderful, happy and healthy year.


(Carol Remington Foglesong, [email protected]; Anne Milbank Mell, [email protected]; Beverly Van Zandt, [email protected])