Ladies, do you remember where your envelope is? Have you added to it each year? Our 45th Reunion is May 31- June 2, 2013. We have SUCH a good time together, and so I hope that each and every one of you will put it on your calendars right now—in INK—for those dates.

You will notice the paucity of notes. The last time I sent out a request for news, I had almost 50% out of date email addresses. Please, please send me your new ones! I need your help! And send news via email or in Christmas letters.

Suzanne Edinger Boas retired from CredAbility in June, 2011. She was President of the nonprofit credit counseling and education agency for 19 years.

Lynne Gardner Detmer (yours truly) and Jim went on a cruise of a lifetime over Christmas 2011. We started in Cape Town, S.A., and cruised the Indian Ocean all the way to Singapore. 35 days at sea, with 23 ports of call. A wonderful experience!

Frances Kirven Morse: As we come to the end of a decade in Calif., we continue to enjoy our life in retirement. Volunteering, grandparenting, helping spread the PFLAG message, working on model trains, body maintenance (hiking, yoga, pilates, and resistance stretching), all of which we fit in between naps. I’m still involved with The Art of Yoga Project, doing yoga and creative arts with incarcerated teen girls in San Mateo County.

Sally Paradise Ingber married Tom Diamont in Jan. 2011. She says “it was a full year with time in Hawaii, and our honeymoon in Paris and Greece.” Anne Hinshaw Vanderweil visited Sally in June.

Kristin Alexandre Kuhns: I’ve just completed my 3rd book, a graphic novel, called “Nuncio and the Gypsy Girl in the Gilded Age” and can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes and Noble online. The book has received rave reviews for its art and “lush story and illustrations” from the Morton report. This fall I introduced the book at The New York ComicCon where the book garnered the attention of news outlets and the media. The story is being translated into a script for a TV series and has launched a whole new career for me.

Gina Rulon-Miller Caldwell: I married the love of my life, Robert Henry Caldwell Jr. We had a wonderful two years together, but sadly he suffered a massive heart attack on Christmas. I console myself with the thought that we shared two years of days in the sun together.

Amy Thompson McCandless travels with her sons the week after Christmas each year. In recent years they have gone to Costa Rica, Spain, and in 2011 to Paris. She continues as Dean of the graduate school at the College of Charleston. She was part of a Historical Studies Delegation to South Africa; and she led a trip to England and Wales in 2011. As she says, “it has been a hectic two years.”

(Lynne Gardner Detmer, [email protected])