It is with sadness that I report the death of Judy Keyserling in Feb. Judy worked for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, the Washington Ballet and the Milwaukee Symphony before founding her public relations firm, Keyserling & Associates. I enjoyed renewing my acquaintance with Judy when she lived in Milwaukee.

Carroll Randolph Barr will be on a golf vacation to Ireland and will miss our 45th Reunion. She enjoyed a small gathering of House 3 girls in Yulee, Fla., with Shelly Gearhart Lindstrom, Jacqueline Stevenson Bennett, Beth Glaser Isaacs, Lisa Braden Moody, Margy Dortch Brooks, Gayle Dearborn Vance, and hostess, Emily Chenoweth.

Ginny Stanley Douglas and Bill live in the same neighborhood as their daughter and her family and enjoy having time with their grandchildren, Miles (7) and Genevieve (5). They’re just finishing a major house and garden remodel and have traveled to England and the Baltic countries and will be going to Egypt and Jordan in 2012.

Linda Fite: I retired from my job at the Times Herald-Record in late June of 2011; it was a great 20-year run, and I even came away with a little (very little) pension! Since that time, I have dedicated my life to having big fun. I was worried about the lack of structure and the lack of daily mingling with people and the lack of steady income, but the benefits FAR outweigh any of that paltry stuff. In Jan., I went with two of my sisters and their husbands for a 10-day trip to Costa Rica, including whitewater rafting, lots of hikes and snorkeling on my birthday. I’m renting a corner of an artist friend’s studio and have been painting again. My 3 kids now means 6 grandchildren too. The family is tight and loving, all the siblings and the little cousins get along swell. I have even started having the occasional lunch with my ex-husband. Sometimes I look in the mirror and am stunned by the 67-year-old woman looking back at me, but I laugh it off, thank God I’m still having big fun. I feel so very blessed.

Toni Naren Gates’s daughter Lindsey moved back to N.Y. from San Francisco with her son Jake. Lindsey is back to her acting career. Son, Ryan and his family have moved to Wichita. Ryan is working for his father, Bud. Ryan and his wife, Kate, now have a son (1). Toni is very involved with the 2 museums in town.

Adele Laslie Kellman retired from her career as an actuary in 2005, and she and Paul have been traveling and spending summers at their 2nd home in Great Barrington Mass., where they enjoy going to Tanglewood, seeing theater and dance as well as hiking and kayaking. Both kids live in NYC with their significant others.

Victoria Baker continues to enjoy retirement, teaching an occasional anthropology course and engaging in travel and ballroom dance with partner Lee Daigle. This year they spent a vacation in the Netherlands with Victoria’s son, and also explored parts of Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Italy.

Betsy Kurtz Argo and husband Jim live in Mich. full time, up near Charlevoix. She retired from Columbus School for Girls about 3 years ago and never looked back. They return home to Columbus once a month to check on Betsy’s mother. She’ll be 98 next summer. The 3 girls are all married and they’re grandparents to 4. Betsy keeps busy as a community and church volunteer. She gave up on the horses and the foxhunting after 30 years and 2 knee replacements.

Mary Azima Jackson (formerly Bonnie) writes that she enjoyed singing in a cabaret in the NYC theater district last winter and hopes to do more. She’ll be opening a retreat center in Costa Rica. Check out her work on her website, www.ahouseoflight.com.

Lindsay Smith Newsom had a wonderful rendezvous with Sue Morck Perrin and Bill at their house on Pawley’s Island last Aug. In mid Feb., she and Mac went to Vietnam and Cambodia. She’s looking forward to coming to our 45th in May.

Mellie Hickey Nelson and Paul are well. She reminded me that her son, Gunner, took his first steps at our 15th reunion!

Anne Stuart Brown Swann keeps in touch with 2 classmates who are now part of her family, Peggy Kennedy (married to brother Hill Brown) and Linda Grizzard (married to cousin Wallace Tiffany, Jr.). She enjoyed seeing Genie Bull Ryner several months ago. Genie and Steve live in Northern Va. She and Kirk are still in Bethesda, Md., in the same house, keeping up with their 5 grandchildren. Older son, Kirk III, and his wife are parents to Will (6), Henry (4) and Charlotte (1), and James and his wife have 2 little girls, Grier (2) and Elyse (7 months). Since they all live near one another they see a good bit of their grandchildren.

Pam Ford Kelley: I continue to work as I found I missed the connection I’d had with beautiful fabrics after selling my company, Rue de France. Retirement seemed to mean a withdrawal from the business world that I’d enjoyed so much. So 3 years ago I teamed up with a friend/partner in the U.S. and a wonderful Indian textile company to produce a bed linen and pillow collection under their name that we actually sell at the large trade show in Paris, Maison et Objet. It gives me an added excuse to get to Paris twice a year when we all meet up and stay in our apartment in the 7th. Plus I’ve had the chance to learn about a new culture and go to Delhi each year to prepare the fall line. We’ve got customers in Russia, Italy, the UK and Japan.

Pam was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue, which meant surgery and head and neck radiation. That’s posed its own set of challenges in getting back to the new “normal” as radiation is very destructive, but she’s feeling fine and her speech is fairly good—even in French. Then her husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Thank goodness it’s a slow version of this blood cancer that seems to be maintained by chemo in pill form. And as everyone says, “You look great”! He’s going to write a book with that title…

Gracey Stoddard has worked for Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney for the past 3 years and loves it. She’s also involved with several committees at her church and a new non-profit board, The African Dream Academy. Gracey enjoys opera, jazz concerts and traveling. She will travel to China this spring and miss our Reunion.

Marion MacRae is in Alexandria, Va., where she keeps busy with volunteer work and tennis. Her mother died at 92 last summer, and she’s been busy settling her affairs.

Randy Brown says that after teaching for 44 years, she hit a “big bump” and had to have half of her right lung and parts of several ribs removed. She appreciates every day and everyone!

Direxa Dick Dearie is busy teaching and with her 8 grandchildren.

Jill Berguido Gill: Bruce and I have been living in our circa-1884 Haverford home for almost 28 years. Bruce is still the director and curator of the historic Harriton House in Bryn Mawr. He has instituted quite a few new programs over the past years, such as woodturning, blacksmithing, beekeeping and apple tasting. Bruce and Harriton have made several appearances on the Emmy-winning PBS cooking show, “A Taste of History,” which just finished filming its 4th season. My son, Tim Clement, graduated from Drexel U. in 2009. He is pursuing a masters degree in public health at Drexel. In his spare time, which has diminished since he began graduate school, he has written articles that have been published in the Philadelphia Inquirer and other local news media. I’m still doing freelance tutoring, working with children from elementary to high school age. I have no plans for retirement as yet, as I enjoy my work. I enjoy taking long walks with my dog and spending time gardening. Even though much of my reading and writing is related to my work with students, I always find time to read a good book and write in my various journals. I’m a lay reader and chalice bearer at Christ Church, Philadelphia.

Stephanie Ewalt Coleman writes that by far the most thrilling event of 2011 was the birth of her first grandchild! Reagan Grace Ayers, daughter of son, Lee, and his wife, Amanda, was born in May. Then in Oct. she and husband Ron enjoyed their first Mediterranean cruise, which was fabulous. What a great year!

Jane Stephenson Wilson: I’m loving this time of life and am head-over-heels in love with my 3 grandsons. The twins are 1 ½ and their brother is almost 4. I’m lucky to have them close. And I’m amazed to think that we left SBC 45 years ago!

After 30 years with Milwaukee Rep, I retired last summer and spent 5 weeks in Canada transitioning to my new life style. I remain involved with the Rep as a volunteer serving on the Friends of the Rep Board. And, I remain active in my volunteer work with SBC. Along with Jane Eastin Hager, I serve on the SBC Board of Directors. I want you all to know that SBC finances are in Jane’s capable hands as Chair of Finance. Many of you have sent glowing comments about your years at SBC—I hope to see you all at Reunion because I know you’ll find it’s better than ever.

(Diane Dalton, [email protected])