Valerie is in the U.S. in the summer and Paris in the winter and rents her apt. to friends when she’s away. She has an apt. in Park Slope, Brooklyn, near her youngest son and twin grandchildren Lulu and Burke (5).

Tish Skinner Dace has been doing a lot of traveling: 9 weeks in Europe jumping on and off trains in cities she’d never visited before in fall 2010; 5 weeks on her own roaming China in spring 2011; and 2 weeks in Egypt in fall 2011 on a tour which turned out to be just her and a guide because Americans are avoiding Egypt. During these trips she worked on her new book “Martin Sherman: Skipping Over Quicksand,” which was published in Jan. Her next trip is to Europe in June. She calls the Caribbean Island Bonaire home and says the days there continue to be glorious.

Sallie Yon Williams spent Feb. in Istanbul, Turkey, where her son Courtney and his wife Nazli live with her grandsons Sedik and Emyr. Son Whit is well-settled in N.Y. with his new wife and granddaughter Allegra (9). Sallie spends a lot of time with her grandchildren, but still manages to volunteer at the Beach hospital.

In July, Keitt Matheson Wood and Frank joined Anne Carter Brothers and John for a trip through the Canadian Rockies, then went to Turkey in Oct. with a small group from their church and explored Istanbul and areas associated with St. Paul and the early Christians. Closer to home she terms Denver and Kansas City constants as they visit children and grandchildren.

Lucetta Gardner Mannion and Ed took a Caribbean cruise in Jan. and stopped in Vero Beach for a visit with Betty Stanly Cates on their way home where they are involved with Meals on Wheels and the Williamson County (Tenn.) Election Board.

Mary Ann Utterback Burritt keeps busy minding grandchildren and doing volunteer work with the International Order of the King’s Daughters at the city and state levels. In Feb. she left for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands for 2 weeks.

In February Ginger Cates Mitchell and Ed spent 3 weeks in India, which in spite of the humongous amount of people, poverty, and pollution was quite an amazing experience—they loved every minute!

In June 2010, Harriet Reese Jensen had a visit in DK from Nerissa Vom Baur Rohrs and her husband Heinrich who were touring Scandinavia; they had a nice time catching up and she enjoyed showing them around her area and introducing them to her son and his family who own the farm that she and her husband had. In July she took her granddaughter (15) to Beaver Dam, Wis., to visit friends for 5 days after which she flew to Boston and visited her Reese cousins in Martha’s Vineyard. In Dec. she celebrated her birthday with her children and looked forward to a trip to the Virgin Islands.

Closer to home in Fla., Barby Rockefeller Bartlett wrote that she and John are healthy, enjoying sunny weather for a few weeks and hoping to catch up with Betty Stanly Cates. They visited Gini Joachim Wade Baldwin last spring in Calif. and traveled to Venice and Croatia in June. They have 6 grandchildren, 5 boys and 1 girl who can hold her own! Their house is on the market and they plan to move to a retirement home in the Philly area when it sells.

Ann Clute Obenshain is still in Ky. and in the midst of renovating a 35-year-old house; one project always leads to another—it’s never-ending! She spent Christmas in Belgium with both daughters; Liza still lives in Louisville and Meg in Paris, so they always love to go over the pond! Ann had dinner with Judy Kay Alspaugh Harrison and enjoyed getting together and sharing many laughs.

Lee Kucewicz Parham keeps busy as Regent of her local DAR and chairman of a state committee. She finds inspiration in these patriotic ladies from all walks of life and would like to hear from classmates who are also DAR members to compare notes. She and John continue to enjoy retirement and grandchildren Emmeline (6th grade) and Jackson (9th grade). She, Stevie Fontaine Keown, and Kathy Caldwell Patten get together often for lunch and to catch up. The Keowns and the Parhams are planning a trip to Richmond to visit Lucy Boyd Lemon Edmunds this summer.

Margaret Millender Holmes wrote that they moved to Vt. 3 years ago to share the granddaugthers’ love of horses. They outgrew that interest, but Margaret jumped in with both feet! After 45 years without riding a friend calls her a “born again” rider. She is looking forward to our 50th Reunion not only as an opportunity to re-connect with all of you, but another chance to see the beautiful SB campus from horseback.

In neighboring Mass., Prue Gay Stuhr now has 2 Dalmatians with the addition of puppy “Ticket” (Riverside’s Ticket to Ride). Prue has become more active in the regional Dalmatian Club, enjoying photographing various club events and working on her writing skills for Dalmatian publications. Ed and Prue enjoy an annual trip to Williamstown (Mass.) Theatre in the summer to take in some plays and soak in the Berkshires. They also attend plays at a nearby repertory theater during the year. Prue does quite a bit of physical therapy for arthritis, but the puppy keeps her moving! She and Ed attend various events to watch their 5 grandchildren perform and participate in their school activities.

Ann Knickerbocker McCulloch wrote that life is full with 7 grandchildren in Houston, so she and Bill are avid fans of their cross-country meets, swim meets, and soccer, volleyball, and basketball games. She’s able to get a horseback ride in too with their 1 cowboy.

Lucy Otis Anderson wrote than she and David were “promoted” to the rank of grandparents; Anderson Graham Cook celebrated his 1st birthday in Dec. 2011 and is the apple of the collective family eye!

Rinda King deBeck wrote that she is still teaching history at UNC-Greensboro and enjoying life including her 6 grandchildren.

Mary Lou Morton Seilheimer and Charles are also enjoying grandchildren who live in Charlottesville; Charles and his wife Nora have Henry (3) and Parthie (2). Anne and her husband Josh live in Geneva, Switzerland, have Julian (5) and Louisa (3). She and Charlie have an annual travel schedule: N.Y. in Jan. for antiques; Fla. in Feb. to see her brother and sister; New England in Aug.; and Geneva in fall.

Lynn Carol Blau and Jeffrey still live in West Hartford, Conn., and enjoy their apartment in N.Y.C. Jeffrey has a radiology practice and Lynn is active on the board of the New Britain Museum of American Art and the Hartford Art School. Like many of us they like to visit parents, children, and grandchildren. Lynn’s mother is in Delray Beach, Fla., and her children and grandchildren are in Nashville and Las Vegas.

Jean Meyer Aloe wrote an update: She had 2 back surgeries Jan. ’09; received M.A. in Creative Writing (poetry) May ’09; elected to Pen Women in Letters Sept. ’10; retired April ’11 to move with Ed to Arlington, Va., to be near one of their daughters and her family. They have 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter (3, 6, 8, 11 years). They moved into their townhouse in Aug. ’11 and love being back in Va.! She and Ed are going to Turkey in April and planning a trip to Bhutan and Laos next year.

Karen Gill Meyer and Jim continue to work as they love their clients. They have a great partner, which allows them to travel and spend long weekends in Colo. during the summer. Karen is the Chair of the Investment Committee on the SB Board.

As for me, I’ve done a little wandering during the past year. I took a cruise from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso in Jan. 2011 and visited Turkey, Egypt, and some Greek islands last fall. I continue to slog through Arabic courses at the College of Charleston.

(Jane Goodridge, [email protected])