Anita Perrin Grymes (Richmond, Va.): “My biggest and best news is that I was married in Dec. to Richard Towell, a former colleague at Collegiate where we taught. We enjoy traveling, visiting museums, hiking and kayaking.”

Jane Ellis Covington (Richmond, Va.): “I’m reeling from the success of a Picasso exhibit at the Va. Museum. Lots of excitement, having Picasso at our doorstep! Red Dog and I are spending much time at the newly-purchased farm, located between Richmond and Charlottesville. Land conservation was the initial impetus for purchase, but we have found it a rich opportunity for tuning out and living close to nature (and fox hunting for Red Dog.) Two newly acquired Labrador puppies/dogs are our insurance against ‘the home.’ Are we crazy?”       Isabel Ware Burch (Williamsburg, Va.): “I finished my job as Head of the Rector Search Committee at Bruton Parish Church. Needing another project, I just got a Portugese Water Dog puppy. She will keep my 6-year-old PWD, Lilly, and me company. In May, 7 members of our class, Teddy Hill, Grace Suttle, Jane Covington, Anita Towell, Margot Saur Meyer, Liz Few Penfield, and I gathered at Water View, a family house on the Rappahannock River. We had a great several days just hanging out together. Jane and I are already thinking about our 55th reunion and want everyone to plan to be there!”

Jane Tatman Walker (Indianapolis, Ind.): “We have a very small number of alumnae here. My recent contacts have been with 2 young alumnae, Kelly Hughes Kaufman ’03 and Jan Jennings Need ’05. They both had babies recently, and I have been able to meet one of the future prospective SBC little girls. Both young mothers came to my Dec. 2010 Indianapolis area alumnae luncheon. Frank and I moved last fall to a new home. Address: 343 Millridge Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46290. New phone number: 317-564-4470.”

Rebecca Towill McNair (Charlotte, N.C.): “Summer started with the usual annual family gatherings in the mountains at various times. Daughter Harriet reported on her wonderful 25th SBC Reunion. With 7 granddaughters, I’m hoping we can continue the trend. I keep in touch with classmates, most recently Susan Hendricks Slayman and Jean Morris Stevenson, both of whom still travel a lot. Susan was off to Europe. Jean was fulfilling her responsibility on a Texas jury among other ventures.”

Melinda Moore Sweet Held (Sharon, Conn.): “My main contact for the class of ’60 is Katie Mendelson McDonald. Both of us left school in 1958, me to marry the wrong man from UVA Law School (corrected many years later with Dr. Right), and she to go back to her N.Y. roots, flourish and marry Jack. She was in my wedding and I in hers. We visited her in Palm Beach in Jan. I am retired from a 30-year law practice in N.Y.C. Involved in affordable housing, land trust work and 24/7 with my husband. What could be better?”

Ginger Newman Blanchard (Green Village, N.J.): “I’m in charge of a regional meeting for the National Society of Colonial Dames this fall. We have representatives coming from 14 states, and Gov. Kean is going to be our opening speaker. Bob and I had a nice visit with Dotsie Woods and her husband at a Dames meeting in Natchez, Miss., and I look forward to seeing her here in N.J.”

Patricia Russell Howard (Toronto, Ontario) continues her new full-time career of painting. You may view her work at her website, www.patriciahoward.ca.

Lura Coleman Wampler (Wayne, Pa.): “My life continues to be a lovely mix of tending gardens and horses, participating in church and garden club activities, and playing with our 7 grandchildren. Something new is that in addition to being a Garden Club of America horticulture judge, I’m also apprenticing as a photography judge. Every day is a gift!”

Carolyn Gough Harding (Sterling, Va.): “We took a trip to Scandinavia this June, visiting Copenhagen, Norway and Sweden. The weather wasn’t the best, but we enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I continue to sub in the Fairfax Va. Adult English as a Second Language program and also do intake testing and registration. And, of course, our 2 grandchildren provide us unlimited fun.”

Ann Crowell Lemmon (Sandy Springs, Georgia): “We have just returned from the beach at Isle of Palms, S.C., where Phyz and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with our 2 children, their spouses, and 5 grandchildren.”

Liz Few Penfield (Carbondale, Colo.): “Teddy and I seem to be traveling a good deal, yo-yoing between New Orleans and Carbondale, with a month in Kenya, a couple of trips to N.Y., some time at the beach (Edisto, S.C.) and various short hops to places nearby like Santa Fe. We’ve seen Ellen Pringle Read, Betty Forsythe Harris, Elizabeth Meade Howard, Grace Suttle, Anita Towell, Jane Covington, Isabel Burch, Margo Meyer, and Nancy Gibbes. We can report that everyone is well and happy. We’re planning to get together in the fall with Grace, Betty, Kadri Niider and Norris Smith in N.Y. Looks as though we’re trying to make up for missing the big reunion.”

Anne Rienecke Clarke (Wilton, Conn.): “Last May, I visited Gwen Speel Kaplan in Richmond, Va. We had lunch with Patti Powell Pusey and Grace Suttle. I see Gwen regularly. She lived around the corner from me for years. Travel consists of 3 or 4 months in Venice, Fla., at my little place there, and monthly visits to Long Island to see my daughter’s family (3 grandsons, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 1 husband!)”

Nancy Corson Gibbes (Columbia, S.C.): “Had a marvelous trip with my art museum curator to Rome and Florence—very art intensive but that’s what I love. Had a great, if brief, visit with Teddy and Liz in New Orleans in Feb., and in July headed out to see Jane Yerkes in Seattle for a week’s playtime. Meanwhile, I still play tennis and follow art shows all over town.”

Jane Milholland Yerkes (Seattle Wash.): “We are taking Nancy Gibbes to Mazama (a country retreat in eastern Wash.) for a few days—thought it would be fun for her to see the REAL west.”

Elizabeth Meade Howard (Charlottesville, Va.): “Just back from an intriguing week at Chautauqua and, with luck, will fly to Ireland with a friend in the fall. Pleased to have a recent essay in Virginia Living on the quandaries of divesting family ‘stuff.’”

Ann Weingart Teig (Oslo, Norway): “I am well and active, enough to invite my grandson (15) to N.Y.C. for a week—I wore him out! We spend summers at our small cabin by the Oslofjord. The sporty sailboat is sold; it had taken us on fantastic trips, and we miss the boat.”

Lucy Martin Gianino (New York, N.Y.): “Our daughter and grandchildren spend the summer with us while her husband, son of Lura Coleman Wampler, travels back and forth on weekends. Lura and husband Fred were just here for a 3-day visit. Our daughter is about to return to Lion King, and her husband, our guitarist Rock Star, is going back and forth from Rock of Ages on Broadway to tour with Nightrangers. Our son, an actor, is about to leave for LA for 10 weeks to do a new adaptation of The Trojan Women. I’m still busy with acting, mostly readings and a little Law and Order or movie bits and keeping my hand in Real Estate for Corcoran Group. I’m still wearing my pink and green flowered hat from our 50th and am grateful to be still upright and in fairly good health.”

Carol Barnard Ottenberg (Seattle, Wash.): “I am about to head north to Lake Superior and Isle Royale on a National Parks Conservation Assn. tour, learning about the fur trade, Ojibwe native culture, and moose/wolf wildlife studies. The Adirondacks and Maine, permanent summer haunts, should seem tame after all that.”

(Carol Barnard Ottenberg, [email protected])