Christmas Bonanza! I received notes and/or photos from Kay Amsden, Nan Locke Rosa, Ginger Timmons Ludwick, Sug Cantey Patton, Ginny Hudson Toone, and Anne Joyce Wyman. Thank you, Ladies.

Kay reports that Rosey would be 13 on Valentine’s Day and that, while slowing down, he communicates well with Kay and Mary Lou. Unfortunately, he gets impatient when they do not respond appropriately at once. In case you have forgotten, Rosey is their canine partner. Kay continues her committee work, is taking writing courses, and volunteers wherever she feels needed. I was happy to hear that Mary Lou’s post-cancer CT scans showed no new malignancies. Both are enthusiastic about their living arrangement and work with the Havenwood-Marketing Team to convince prospective buyers that it is a good place to live. If anyone wants to winter in N.H., give them a ring.

Nan and husband Frank say they are “enjoying doing nothing much,” but then go on to list all the things they do. Unfortunately one of them was a repair on Nan’s knee replacement. However she recuperated from that ordeal in 4 weeks and was given permission to resume her activities on the golf course and in the pool. Her big 8-0 is coming up as well as her and Frank’s wedding anniversary. Frank appears to lack enthusiasm for Nan’s suggestion to celebrate the events with a trip or cruise, so we will have to wait until the next edition of class notes to find out what negotiating skills Nan took with her from her Sweet Briar education.

Ginger (my most faithful correspondent) wrote from Palm Desert, Calif., where she and David participated in a Social Golf Tourney, followed by dinner. If the smiles on an earlier photo are any indication, they are enjoying life immensely. She and David have a thespian grandson in Calif. as do Chet and I. We all are enjoying the talents of the younger generation.

Sug had little to say except that they are well and enjoying day-to-day living, especially during football season. And Ginny says that having no real news is “usually a blessing at this age.” She is getting a head start on plans to attend our 60th reunion. So listen up! The reunion dates have been changed to May 31-June 2. Whatever the original dates were have been superseded.

Anne sent a photo collage of some of the places she and Joseph have been with no notes. I can identify the Parthenon. I suspect the camel is either from Egypt or Jordan. They are also shown with their daughter Anneke, their very tall son-in-law and two handsome grandsons—the men all in jackets and ties. Jackets and ties! I wonder where they could have been.

At lunch with Jeanne Duff and Patti Tighe Walden recently I learned that Mary Littlejohn Belser had become a great-grandmother. Patti had also heard from Carol Exnicios Tucker, who is alive and well in Fla. After spending their lives in Va., Ted and Dale Hutter Harris have moved to Durham, N.C.

Ending on a sad note, I received word from Sallie Gayle Beck’s daughter Gayle that Sallie died on Nov. 20 in Merida, Mexico, where she and Doug spent the last years of their lives. Her ashes were mixed with Doug’s and spread at a nearby Mayan ruin.

It’s not too soon to mark our 2013 Reunion Dates on your calendar.

(Florence Pye Apy, [email protected])