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Obituaries are taking up increasing space in my column.  Since we’re all in our eighties now, I suppose that’s to be expected. Sadly, I must report the recent deaths of three classmates.

Ellen Ramsay Clark died on September 24, 2011 in Memphis where she had lived all of her life.  She  had undergone three years of physical therapy after a spinal cord shutdown, and had regained the ability to walk and to drive short distances.  Ironically, she died of an unrelated cause, a brain tumor which took her in seven weeks.

Dorothy Rouse-Bottom passed away on October 12, 2011, in Hampton,Va.  Dot was very active in Hampton as a journalist, editor and publisher and as a board member of several historical, cultural and preservation organizations. She had attended several class reunions and in 1988 was the recipient of the Distinguished Alumnae Award.

Sally Strickland Johnson died on November 11,2011 in Cincinnati after a long illness.

Now for more cheerful news:

Judy Easley Mak is still in the real estate business in Washington,although it¹s been difficult selling houses during the recession. She and Dayton are planning to move to a retirement community near Washington soon – one with a pool so that Judy can keep up her swimming. Judy reports that Flip Eustis Weimer enjoys her retirement community in Silver Spring, MD. and gets together with her stepchildren often.

Mary Fran Brown Ballard has had eye surgery recently and has had to give up driving, although her husband Don is still good behind the wheel.  She reports that Martha Querry O’Dell has moved to Belmont MA and that Peggy Cromwell  Talieferro had a good visit in Florida with her family.

Mary Fran, who continues her good work as our class fund agent, receives each year about  75 thank you notes from current Sweet Briar students who benefit from scholarships funded in part from Betty Bean Black’s estate. It’s nice to know that our classmate’s generosity enables so many students to attend our college.

Caroline Casey Brandt‘s son Stephen McGhee was ordained a deacon at the Episcopal Cathedral in Atlanta on Dec. 17th.  Stephen has been attending Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria after a 30 year career in banking.  He will be ordained a priest in May.

Carolyn Cannady Evans‘s Christmas card shows her and five children looking very happy on a Mexican beach far removed from the drug troubles. She reports that she lives well, laughs often and loves much.  I expect to see Carolyn at Preston Hodges Hill’s condo in Aspen, Co. in August.  Those two can reminisce about their trip to the Middle East last spring and I’ll take walks and listen to music.

Alice Trout Hagan is having a busy time at her retirement community in Roanoke and reports that Patsy Davin Robinson is too busy playing tennis to sit down and write a letter.

Ann Henderson Bannard and Yorke report that they are much better than when they were here in the fall.  Yorke is pain free after a newfangled shot and Ann’s second eye operation went even better that the first.

Pat Brown Boyer is very happy with her retirement community in Winter Park, FL. and had a couple of trips with family and close friends.

Larry Lawrence Simmons traveled from Georgia to Vancouver to visit family members far and wide.  She is replanting her west Texas garden with native desert plants after this year’s extensive drought.

Sally Melcher Jarvis is tutoring in the city school’s in Lancaster, PA. She and her daughter and granddaughter spent a week in London in January attending four plays in four days- a nugget of just right says Sally. I remember that Sally and I appeared on the Sweet Briar stage (then in the basement of Fletcher) in The Barretts of Wimpole Street.  She played Elizabeth Barrett and I  appeared as Robert Browning. Here at Duncaster, Phil and I do a bit of playacting.  In deference to our advanced years, we are permitted to hold the script throughout  the performance.

Since this column was written in February, I have received some additional news, including several obits.

Jean Taylor died on May 27 at her home in Washington, D.C.  She had been in poor health for several years.

Alice Trout Hagan called me on June 29th with the sad news that Patsy Davin Robinson had died that morning in Rochester MI, a suburb of Detroit. Patsy had been very active until having a stroke two weeks before her demise. Another bit of sad news is the recent death of Sallie Legg DeMartine in Florida.

Some of our class are still going strong.  Ann (Flip) Eustis Weimer had a grand trip to Scotland last year with her sister in law and expects to go to Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa this year with the Road Scholar program. This program used to be called Elderhostel and Phil and I have enjoyed many trips with them. I hope we’ll do some more, but at this point helping with grand children’s college tuition has a higher priority that travel.