Alice Lancaster Buck: We’re all gaining in years but hopefully “gaining in grace” as well. Many of us have already made the transition from home to retirement community, but two more have recently made the move. Our class president, Louise Smith Barry’s new address is: 242 Peconic Landing, 1500 Brecknock Rd., Greenport, NY 11944. The other is Catherine “Tee” Tift Porter who is still in Atlanta, but living in Apt. 1215 at 3747 Peachtree Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30319. Betty Williams Gookin and Richard, who are still in their beautiful home in Warrenton, arranged for a wonderful mini-retreat for our class in Richmond this past Oct. We were a small group, but had lots of fun exploring that lovely historic city and enjoying wonderful meals together and a particularly fun cocktail party given for us by a friend of the Gookins. Peggy Gordon Seiler and Bob were also there as well as Louise Barry, Mariam Shanley Jacobs, Jean Blanton Stein, Carlisle Morrisett Branch and myself. We were privileged to have Betsy Muhlenfield and her husband Larry join us for dinner at the Jefferson Hotel one of the two nights we were there.

Peggy Seiler and Bob are planning a trip to Savannah to attend the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts by Peggy’s aunt, Juliette Gordon Low, whom Peggy used to call “Aunt Daisy.” My daughter, Dorsie Buck Harrison ’73, and I (Alice Buck) had a great trip to San Francisco last May for the wedding of her daughter Kristin. Life is great here at Ashby Ponds in northern Va., but I’m about to go to the hospital for shoulder replacement surgery of my right shoulder. Perhaps I’ll be back on the tennis court one of these days! I played my last game last summer. I’ve become good friends with the only other Sweet Briar alumna here, Carolyn Cannady Evans ’49, and we’ve enjoyed going to SBC functions together.

Anita Lippitt Clay sent a delightful article about the “Savanna Crabettes,” which she and two other friends started more than 21 years ago. The article explains that “they’re part musical group, part novelty act, part social group and a lot of fun.” They play for birthdays, parties, nursing homes, grand openings, graduations and now have a standing gig at the Whistle Stop restaurant in downtown Savannah on the second Friday of the month. Anita, the matriarch of the group, plays the accordion and is referred to as “The General” by her bandmates, partly in reference to her role with the group as well as to her World War II service in army aviation. Congratulations, Anita!

It’s always hard to report the loss of more of our wonderful classmates. Martha “Marty” Falk Vallery died on 1/7/12 and Anne Guthrie Yokana on 1/4/12. We are grateful for having known them.

(Alice Lancaster Buck, [email protected])