I hope that some of you will attend our grand 70th Reunion this spring. The College will arrange wonderful accommodations for you and your traveling companion. and I will be among those eagerly waiting to welcome you. I had a most wonderful visit last fall on SBC campus with Edie Brainard Walter and her daughter Anne and husband Mike, both of whom teach at St. Oliff in Minn. They happened to choose Families Weekend at SBC, so we had a glorious time participating in the many events from the boat race to lectures by the new dean. Would you believe that Dean Ami came to us from St. Oliff and had taught in the same biology Dept, as Anne and Mike! They had a fine reunion. The next day we spent at Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson’s retreat outside of Lynchburg. I had such a good letter from Eloise English Davies’ daughter, Meredith Hadaway, reporting that Eloise is in good condition other than losing her eyesight. Meredith is an excellent poet. She was at the VCCA several years ago and will come back in April for a 6 week internship. I look forward to seeing her and reading more of her very sensitive poems. I always look forward to hearing from Bobbie Engh Croft with a Thanksgiving letter. She is doing well and is fortunate to have some children nearby. She also looks forward to spending time in Ariz. in the winter. I love hearing from Ann Hauslein Potterfield and Tom at Christmas, as well as from Betty Blackmer Childs and Mackall, and other SBC friends including the children of my roommate, Grace Bugg Muller Thym. I celebrated my 91st birthday in Jan. while visiting my good friend at her home at Boca Brande. What a lovely spot. We went for breakfast at a darling mariner and enjoyed watching the small boats come and go while we ate crab meat omelets, grits, fried apples and hot biscuits. Yum. Sadly we have lost several more of our classmates this year: Jessamine Boyce Bowles Morris in Greensboro, Ginny Thayer Boothby, and Nancy Golbarth Glaser in Richmond. All had lovely obituaries telling of their interesting lives. That’s all for now. Do send news or bring it with you at Reunion.

(Ann Morrison Reams, [email protected])