Julia K McClung
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Class of 2009, I apologize for my seriously lacking secretary skills over the last couple of years, but I’m happy to share the most recent news I have received with all of you! To share a quick note about myself, I am engaged and will be getting married 10/12/13 in Charlotte, NC. Erin Coppersmith Aitken will be my matron of honor and Megan Combs Veney will be a bridesmaid.

Sarah Goldstein is engaged and will be getting married 10/5/13 in Richmond, VA. Meghan Kaminski and Murphy Horne will be bridesmaids.

Lauren Schwartz is working to complete her doctorate in plant biology at Southern Illinois U. and is a research assistant.

Courtney LeBlanc lives in Boston, MA, and is working toward her master’s degree in global marketing, communications and advertising. She’ll be completing an internship in China over the summer, after which she’ll be moving to NYC to pursue a career in advertising or public relations.

Doreen McVeigh finished her M.S. in environmental biology at Hood Coll. studying population genetics of stingrays. She’s at NC State U. pursuing a Ph.D. in marine science. She’ll be joining the marine ecology and conservation lab. Her current research explores the population connectivity of deep sea methane vent communities throughout the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and mid-Atlantic Ocean.

Meghan Kaminski is living in Richmond, VA, and has been working for Raceit for the last 3 years. The company handles online registration for events all over the country including Triathlons, Marathons, Adventure Races, Sports Camps, etc. In the Richmond area she works with Sportsbackers, who organize Monument 10K, River Rock, and Richmond Marathon, among others. She’s an account manager for Tough Mudder, along with a few other events along the east coast. She’ll be attending Murphy Horne’s wedding in April in Manteo, NC and Sarah Goldstein’s wedding in Oct. in Richmond, VA.

Sarah Campbell is living in College Station, TX, and loves her job working as a learning assistant for college athletes. She’s also a full-time substitute teacher. She’s planning a trip to Hungary this summer. Last summer, she taught English to Afghan refugee children at a refugee facility in Debrecen, HU. She’s been extremely busy, but finds that she enjoys the chaos.

Jadrienne Kayley Coe Brown Atkins is married to Richard Brandon Atkins and has a daughter, Remy Innessa Hope Atkins (19 mos.). She recently received her master’s degree in nonprofit management and leadership. She’s also working toward a Ph.D. in the same field from Walden U. online.

Julia Patt writes: I recently moved back to MD after completing my MFA in creative writing (fiction) at UNC Greensboro. It was a fantastic way to spend 2 years. Currently, I’m pursuing a 2nd master’s at St. John’s Coll. in Annapolis, where I also work as an editor for the MD General Assembly’s Dept. of Legislative Services.

After working as a statistician for several years, Cheryl Seaver moved to Alberta, Canada to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology. Already in her 2nd year, she complains bitterly about the seemingly endless 8 mos. of snow and cold, and the inability of her research subjects to run experiments successfully. However, she determinedly continues to enjoy he research and looks forward to the day when she can proudly declare that her fish “did something that’s worth a Ph.D.!”

Jessica Baker is looking forward to graduating with a master’s in American studies from U. of AL in May!

Mary Ungerer Mazgaj joined her husband in London from Jan.-May 2012 as he studied abroad for his final semester of law school. They traveled, reaching 3 continents, 17 countries and 35 cities over 5 mos. Some of the highlights were reunions with Helen Bradshaw ’10, Laura Cromwell and Rebecca Girten in Dublin, Ireland and with Amber Lubeck and Paige Cantfil in Vienna, Austria.

Thank you all so much for you contributions! It was so great to hear from so many of you! I look forward to hearing more about what’s going on in the future!