Mary Berry

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Alexandra DiFeliciantonio: I started working as a post-doctoral research fellow at Yale U. in Nov. and am living in New Haven, CT. My lab is starting a collaboration with the Max Planck Institute in Cologne, Germany, and I’ll be moving there in March. On New Year’s Eve 2013 I got engaged to Matthew Howe. We’ll be getting married in Oct. in Wilmington, NC.

Jessica LaTray-Wilson: My husband, Mike Wilson, and I welcomed our second child, Adalaide Temperance Wilson on 10/22/13.

Kristin Barnes: I graduated from SMU with an MBA and an MA in May 2013. In Dec., I returned to Dallas to start a new job with Tantrum Street, a mobile payments start-up, as the director of customer service and good returns.

Meggy O’Neal: I graduated from the U. of Tulsa with a master’s in museum science and management and a tract in anthropology in May 2013 and was hired by the City of Gonzales to be the new director of the Gonzales Memorial Museum in TX. Over the New Year’s break I spent some time with Kristin Barnes and Laura Bowry.

Chelsea Capizzi-Walsh Lomicka: Christian Lomicka (VMI ’08) and I were married 9/14/13 in my hometown of Ocean City, NJ, in the church where my parents were married. I was honored to have Heather Coley as my Maid of Honor and Mary Margaret Hammock as a bridesmaid. We honeymooned in HI. We live in Columbia, MD. Christian has accepted a position at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab after graduating from JHU, and I’ll be returning to grad school to complete my second master’s degree in the spring.

Isabelle Jacque au Zanoto: A lot has happened since my junior year abroad at Sweet Briar in ’07! I graduated from the Paris Dauphine U. in France and got a job in HR at LVMH Watches (TAG Heuer, Zenith and Hublot brands) in 2010, got married in 2012 and am expecting. My husband made it to the U.S. for the first time last fall, and we got to catch up with Kelly Kincaid ’11 and Allison Vuillaume.

Rebecca Penny: I’m engaged! My fiance surprised me with a proposal stamped in my dessert spoon on Jan. 23. We’re looking forward to planning a wedding for next spring (when I’ll be done with my Ph.D.).

Rachel Gotwalt: I have been working as a software engineer since leaving college. I’ve been taking classes in ballet (just started en pointe), Japanese, tennis and golf.

Brittany Carlton O’Bannon: On 1/20/14 Keegan Greer O’Bannon was born to proud parents Brittany and John O’Bannon III and big brother Norrie of Warrenton, VA.

Erin Coyne Lanier: “I’m sending a picture of Jenn Milby Gutierrez, Whitney Towler Carpenter and me and with our little ones, Joaquin, Audrey and Quenton. Joaquin, Jenn’s son, was born 6/8/12. Audrey, Whitney’s daughter, was born 8/12/13, and my son was born 1/10/14. The three of us went through the MAT program and graduated in 2008 with our bachelor’s, and 2009 with our master’s in teaching.”

Diana Simpson: After a few years out west, I have returned to the East Coast! Over Thanksgiving, I moved from AZ to VA for my job. The company where I was a fellow, the Institute for Justice, brought me on as a full attorney at our Arlington, VA office.

Allison Hancock Kijak: My husband (Jeremy Kijak, H-SC) and I welcomed our first child, Grayson Montgomery Kijak, on Feb. 12.

Jennica Harris: After graduating, I changed my career direction and got a second bachelor’s degree in accounting from a CA U. I have had several part-time tax preparation and bookkeeping positions since then, and I’ll be looking for a full-time position soon. I moved to CT in July ’12 for a two-year program for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome, where I have been learning social skills, job skills and independent living skills. The program is very helpful, and I have had fun and made great friends. I plan to stay in CT for the foreseeable future.

Amelia Villacorta: I’m living in Alexandria with my boyfriend, Joseph Lojek, (Stevens Institute of Technology ’07) and working as an intelligence trainer/analyst as contractor for the government. I have lately enjoyed my free time running and reading, and have started a book club with Stephanie Perks ’09, Lauren Miller ’10 and other girlfriends in the area. I am looking forward to seeing Brittany and Brianna Deane soon.