Virginia Wood Susi

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Autum MatysekSnyder Fish, Jeremiah and Xavier welcomed Daisy Geraldine Fish on 9/4/2013. Schyler Ellis Burke and husband Peter are expecting their fourth, a girl, to be born in June. Megan Owens Thompson and her husband Mike welcomed their second child, Lulu Rose on 2/27/14.

Nicole Basbanes Claire became a first-time homeowner in March with her husband Billy after they purchased his late mother’s lake house in Marlborough, MA. She is also excited to catch up with fellow alumnae at reunion. Billy is excited to visit SBC and meet the friends and community who are special to her.

Camille Simmons is in her ninth year of teaching middle school Spanish. She was able to catch up with and attend the wedding of Caville Stanbury ’06 in Jamaica.

Maria Kitchin Moore and husband Preston welcomed their son, William Preston, Jr. (Preston) on Jan. 24. Maria is looking forward to seeing everyone at our reunion in May!

Denali LeeAnn Hetzel was welcomed by Stacey Maddox and John Hetzel on 12/27/13 at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. She weighed 6lbs, 15oz and was 18 inches long. Denali was diagnosed with anencephaly at her 17-week ultrasound and was not expected to survive past birth. She lived three incredible days and died on 12/30/13. She is greatly missed.

Diana “Dee” Marshall spent most of Dec. ’13 at her family’s house in Fort Myers, FL. In Jan., Dee attended the Boston alumna clubs event in Milton with Michelle Badger ’06. Dee has enjoyed catching up with fellow classmates before the reunion weekend while working on the committee.