Kristin Bergquist
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Anna Legum and husband Ross welcomed a daughter, Claire Ellery Legum, on 8/3/13 and he shares a birthday with Erin Keck Walsh’s 3rd daughter, Brienne.
Claire Affleck
has her own horse farm, Claire Affleck Training, in Skaneateles, NY, where she trains and shows horses. This past June, she was bucked off a horse and broke her back. She has not been able to ride and had to miss out on summer horse show season. She has been able to continue teaching riding lessons and hopes to get back in the saddle this fall.  
Virginia Lyon
gave birth to her 2nd son, Connor Lee, on 3/18/13. Big brother Parker loves to be mama’s little helper, which Virginia appreciates! Virginia hosted Danielle Oberg and daughter Nora as they made their way to the SBC reunion. Virginia continues to work for Deloitte in Arlington, VA, and really enjoys it.
Jessica Campbell lives in Beaver, WV, and is teaching 9th-grade math.
And I, Kristin Bergquist, continue to prove that growing up in the age of technology doesn’t mean you grasp it, so sorry to everyone for the late request for class notes. I’m a realtor in Atlanta, recently adopted the dog version of me, and spent a month in India, where I learned that elephants rampaging through a city is fairly normal, that they grow coffee but serve the instant kind, and that my digestive system is not invincible.