Margaret Brooks Buck

Lori Smith Nilan

Heather Minor Gelormine and her family moved from CO to Omaha, NE, this summer, where her husband, Tony, will be serving a 3-yr. tour at Offutt AFB. Both kids (Brenna, 9; Anthony, 6) are in school full time now. She is working from home as the site editor and project manager for 3 websites geared toward Americans associated with the U.S. military living in Okinawa, South Korea, and Germany. They celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in Aug., shortly after he returned from a 9-mo. deployment with the U.S. Army, and are glad to be back together as a family again.
Meg Anderson Richburg and her husband are in Alexandria, VA, where she teaches high school social studies for Fairfax Co. She had her 2nd child, Qieran, on 8/14/13. Son Aaron (3) loves being a big brother.
Stacy Armentrout Fallah and her husband moved to Montclair, VA, where they bought their 1st home and have been busily making it their own. She writes that her hubby is starting to get sick at the sight of paint cans. Her son Jackson celebrated his 5th birthday back in 2/13 and is about to start Kindergarten. He’s VERY excited. She still enjoys being a stay-at-home mom.
Jennifer Taylor Catano was happy to share that she was expecting her 2nd child in late Sept./ early Oct. She currently lives in Houston with husband Dave and daughter Taylor Grace (3), who is very excited to become a big sister.
Sonya Truman was excited to be marrying Joshua Jacobs in 10/13.They recently bought a house in the Candler Park neighborhood of Atlanta and added a new puppy to the mix (which her current Golden may or may not love—jury’s still out). She was excited to celebrate her upcoming nuptials at the beach in 8/13 with Lori Smith Nilan, Margaret Brooks Buck, Maria Thacker Goethe and Kelly Monical Goossens. She is also thrilled to be reunited with Blaithin MacMahon ’03, who has relocated to Atlanta and is living right down the road.
Mary Tassone Dunlevy says things are very busy in her life right now. She and husband Dale are expecting a baby due in 1/14. They are moving out of their apartment and into a house. Daughter Ariana (3) is starting preschool. It’s a lot of change in a small span of time, but they are very excited.
Amy Mullen is still living and working in the D.C. metro area. Her Mint Parcel illustrations were recently featured in the book “Print & Patten Kids” from Bowie Style and Laurence King Publishing.