Margaret Brooks Tucker Buck

Lori Smith Nilan

Hi, Class of 2002! Well, it’s a new year that seems to be going well for most of us! We had a classmate pass away that didn’t graduate with us, but a lot of you knew her, Jennifer Sorrells. She passed away in July of 2006 and http://www.causes.com/profiles/ 57929599 is her website in case any of you are interested in finding out more about how she passed away. She was from New Orleans, LA, and was a very sweet person according to those who knew her and she will be missed. Moving forward, a lot has changed for Aja Grosvenor Stephens and husband David who welcomed Jace Parker on 11/2/12. They relocated to Brooklyn, NY, where Aja is working for the League of American Orchestras. She’s excited to be back on the east coast, closer to family and friends. She and Jace had their first play date with Megan Tarnowski Gondogdu and daughters Ayla and Naciye. Ashley Trantham formed an a cappella group in Raleigh, NC, called Catch 22! If you want to see them sing, contact her! Chantal Yavari Milcarek lives in Charleston, SC, with husband Bill and son Avery (3). She has her own private practice that specializes in the assessment of leaning, behavioral and emotional disorders in children and adolescents. Life is good! Emily Johnston continues to live in London and had a great time at NY and London Fashion Weeks. She scored a seat at the BAFTA Awards (British Academy of Film and Television Arts). Emily has enjoyed having her nieces and nephew around now that her brother and his wife are living in London. Sonya Truman got engaged to Joshua Jacobs on 2/20/13 and they’re overjoyed to begin their new lives together. They’re working on selling their house in Dunwoody, GA, and moving back to Atlanta. Sonya was fortunate to enjoy an SBC beach weekend this past summer with Brook Buck, Kelly Monical Goossens, LoriNilan, Maria Thacker Goethe and Ashley Johnson McGee ’03. She is looking forward to seeing Jenn Stringfellow Lamanna ’01 in the coming months to discuss wedding planning. Sonya is hoping to plan a trip to the Garlic Festival this year and visit SBC with Josh for the first time. Serena Basten Kachinsky welcomed Claire Aspen Alessandra Bevier Kachinsky on 11/21/12. She and husband Louey are happy and living in Piedmont, CA. She’s still working for the Oakland Medical Center as an emergency dept. RN. Regan Blackwood and husband had a boy, William Allen Blackwood Mole on 1/4/13! She is enjoying motherhood. Lindsey Keller Sullivan is still working at her theatre and has been for 7 yrs now! She still continues to work as an equity stage manager and is picking up design jobs around other theatres in town. Her most important job is taking care of Eaton (2) and husband John. Lindsey lives in Highland Ranch, CO, and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else since CO was voted #2 as the “happiest place to live in the US!” Love to all her 2002 friends, and she thinks about our college years in the Blue Ridge Mts. often. MaryTassoneDunleavy moved last fall with her family from Fayetteville, NC, to Petersburg, VA. She’s glad to be back in VA where the weather is more predictable. Her daughter, Ariana will be 3 on 4/2/13 and she can’t believe it! She still enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and now that Ariana is older, Mary has time for hobbies again. She’s doing a lot of sewing and mostly makes toys and clothes for her daughter. Mary recently started tutoring English and will go back to teaching full time one day, but right now she is enjoying parks and playgroups! Amanda Johnston became a youth minister at Waverly Place Baptist Church in Roanoke, VA. Kathy Fowler went to 2 “Dr. Who” conventions in CA. Amy Waller ’04 and she took a trip to DK to visit friends. They spent time in Aarhus and Copenhagen. They took a side trip to Vienna, Austria spending 2 days at Schönbrunn palace and a day touring the Hofburg and Iperial Crypt. For Christmas, Amy’s parents took them to Disney World where she was a kid again in the best ways. Kathy still teaches Latin and sponsors an Anime club at the Fauquier H.S. in Warrenton, VA. She loves all her classes to pieces! She and Amy celebrated their 12th anniversary and are looking forward to many more. Amanda Davis Stevens welcomed her 2nd child, Graham Garrett, on 1/30/13. Big sister Hailey is a great helper and they’re over the moon with excitement! And I, Brook, have had a crazy last year! My mom had a hemorrhagic stroke last April, and I’ve been trying to get her back on her feet, literally. Through the help of her friends, my friends, husband and family, I have managed to get through it, but it hasn’t been easy! We also moved into a new house in Sept. after thankfully selling our townhouse! I recently took 2 trips to Atlanta with Lori Nilan to see Maria Thacker Goethe, Sonya Truman, and Kelly Monical Goossens. The 2nd trip we were joined by Denise McDonald Gentry, and Ashley McGee ’03. We stayed in Kelly’s beautiful new home, the first trip, and enjoyed having wine and reminiscing with everyone both times! Friends are definitely a great stress reliever! I enjoyed hearing from y’all and please update your information!