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Well ladies, it looks like the Class of 2001 has been as busy as ever. Between families, babies, jobs and day-to-day life, the girls of 2001 had lots of exciting news to share!

Julia Kientz Ambersley was so excited to see Ashley Moring Voss, Angela Browning Montgomery, Leigh Harpel, Emily Keating Haag (and her precious son Nicholas) and Dawn Martin (and her darling daughter Katie, future SBC vixen) when they all came to visit for Gus’s 6th birthday party in Sept. It was so nice to have a house full of SBC girls and their sweet children! Julia was thrilled to be asked to be Nicholas Haag’s godmother, and she was able to go up the Philadelphia to visit him in April and again for his Christening in May. She is keeping very busy teaching 5th grade at Vass-Lakeview Elementary and serving as the grade level chair. Julia and Robbie are so proud of Gus who has just started kindergarten at the O’Neal School in Southern Pines. Ashley Moring Voss and her husband, Jason, are expecting their first baby at the end of Oct. Angela, Leigh and Julia all attended Ashley’s baby shower in Sept. Angela Browning Montgomery is busy working towards her real estate license. She and her husband, Joey are closing on a new house in Fairhope, Ala. very soon! Emily Keating Haag and Nick have been very busy with Nicholas (6 mos.)

Both Natasha Nickodem Stevens and her husband got promotions this summer! Natasha is an associate director for Individual Giving at the Art Institute of Chicago and her husband Matt is now a vice president for insurance at Mesirow Financial. Natasha and Matt are excited to be the godparents of Stephanie Sherrard’s son Cullen Hawkins and look forward to his christening on 9/22. Natasha traveled with Christine Rangel to Baltimore for Misa Sarmento’s (’02) beautiful wedding to Rob Francis on 9/8/12. Sarah Bellanger Levison also returned to the east coast in Sept. for Misa’s wedding where the ladies enjoyed a great reunion with Casey Perlow Davidson ’02, Whitney Bryant ’02, Allison Funkhauser ’02, Donyele Gibson Wilkerson ’02, Sarah Belanger Levinson and Victoria Zak Rosenthal ’00. Sarah enjoys living in St Louis. She has started to volunteer with the local chapter of Girls on the Run. Christine Rangel was happy to attend the wedding of Kim Martin ’02 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach, Fla., in June. She also got to see Megan Beley-Withrow and her husband Brett and meet their new baby, Avery. Christine was lucky enough to catch some of the London Olympics excitement during a trip to Scotland this summer, with sisters Victoria ’04 and Jane ’06. She was also happy to see Natasha Nickodem-Stevens in Chicago.

Sarah Houston Kenning is happy to announce that Lauren Elizabeth Kenning was born 7/24. Sarah stays home with Lauren (SBC class of 2034). Her son Jackson is in preschool. He is happy to be a big brother.

Meghan Frier Stawasz and her husband Nick proudly announce the birth of Katherine Elizabeth on 5/15/12. Katherine was 8 pounds 9 ounces, 21 inches long and welcomed home by big brother Charlie (3).

Erin Wiley is still working as a speech pathologist in Seattle, Wash. She and her husband have been traveling a lot this year due to his job with the Seattle Sounders soccer team; they were fortunate to go to London in Feb. and Sydney, Australia, in June. Their daughter Holiday just started preschool and will turn 3 in Nov. Over Labor Day, Erin met up with Elizabeth Puckett Haworth, Sarah Riggs Stapleton, Marian Spivey Estrada and Rachel Souder Arguedas in Sedona, Ariz., for their annual get-together.

Olive Eiley lives in her hometown island of Ambergis Caye in Belize. She got married in 2009 and has a girl (2) and a baby boy. Olive and her husband have a cleaning service and a restaurant. Olive says she “has been very lucky to meet up with SBC family here in Belize such as Natasha Stevens ’01, professors Leigh and Susan Piepho and family of Lori Kovatch Long.”

Erin Packard Harrison and Phill just celebrated 11 years of marriage. They also welcomed their 2nd son Zayne in July.

Catherine Peek and Ariana Wolynec-Werner are writing these class notes jointly over a weekly Sunday night dinner. Catherine just moved to North Bethesda, Md., to continue her architectural creativity and legacy in the national capital region. Her husband and twins enjoy their new home. Thank you to everyone for your votes in favor of Catherine’s submission, “Field of Stars,” to the Washington Monument Ideas Competition. As a result of her success, she has served on several expert panels and taught underserved students how to express their budding architectural prowess to redesign the 11th Street Recreation Bridge over the Ancostia River. Catherine and her work have been featured by National Public Radio and highlighted in Metropolis Magazine (a solicited authorship for their blog, “Point of View”), the Washington Post and other renowned periodicals. Follow Catherine on Twitter @cpeek. Ariana has begun traveling exclusively via racing bike due to the misadventures of a Subaru dealership in Rockville, Md. Though she is training for her seventh long-distance endurance event, Ariana most looks forward to the five-mile Austin Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. She and Amanda Campbell Wright plan to race-walk and run (respectively) the event dressed as the sequined dancing models from the “Gangnam Style” music video. At this writing, Ariana is actively pursuing unsuspecting victims on eHarmony and Catholic Match. Upon your reading, she may be married and knocked up, in no particular order, but that status is unverifiable because of her continued work in national security.

Lori Kovatch Long and her husband are enjoying their new bundle of joy, Caelee Brooklyn Long, who was born 4/3/12. Lori says that she has “already changed so much it is amazing.” They are still living in Massanutten, Va. She is enjoying the challenges of her job at Merck. Lori hopes to see some alumnae at this year’s Garlic Festival.

Erin Alberda has had a busy couple of months juggling her acupuncture practice and campaigning for the London Paralympics. Erin did not make the team this time, but she is grateful for all the support of her Sweet Briar sisters along the way, and Rio is just four years away! Erin is still living in Woodinville, Wa., with her longtime boyfriend Brian, and their dogs, cats and chickens.

Erin Bronson Phillips is still living in Charlotte, N.C., with her husband, Josh Phillips, and daughter, Libby. Libby (3) goes to preschool. In April, their family moved to a house right down the road from their other one, but are now thankfully on a quiet cul de sac. Meg Bronson Braddy lives down the road from Erin with her husband and their two children, Colston (3) and Laine (15 mos.). Meg and Erin plan to have lunch with Meg Eubanks soon to catch up on each others’ hectic lives.

Alden Rivers Potts had baby boy, Brooks Pinckney Potts, on 9/13/11. Big brother Carter (3) is thrilled!

Jana Putnam Sayler and husband, Erik, welcomed their second child, Kirk Putnam Eiriksson Sayler, on 9/4/12. His older sister Eleanor and the rest of the family already adore him.

In May, Tamara Trout completed an M.S. in biomedical sciences with an emphasis in medical sciences from Marshall U. She’s now working as a lab technician and medical scribe and applying to medical school. Her daughter Elyse (10) will be playing Flounder in a local production of the Little Mermaid, Jr. Her twins, Layth and Nadia, are 4 and in Pre-K. She divorced in 2010 and is now in a committed relationship with a third-year medical student. Life is great!

Elizabeth Finch Wright graduated with a B.S. in dental hygiene from Old Dominion U. in May, passed her national and regional board exams, and is thrilled to be working as a registered dental hygienist for a progressive dental practice in Virginia Beach. She loves her new career!

Katherine Morse reports that it has been a very busy year. She’s taking college courses toward a degree in nursing. Her M. K. Wellington Art, LLC business has grown, and starting this fall a new location will be added. Plus she’s expanded into doing outdoor portraits. The business even has its own Facebook page and Twitter account! Katherine has completed her second show by doing the Shrimp & Grits Festival on Jekyll with the help of Sarah Peterson ’03 this Sept.! Katherine has now been with Jekyll Island Club Hotel for over six years and has met a few SBC graduates that have stayed. She’s been able to see Nathalie Benton not only in D.C., but also in Hilton Head this summer. Rachel Roth ’02 and Sarah Peterson ’03 for lunch in D.C.  She sends best wishes to the Class of 2001!

Nia Fonow Ravenstahl had a busy year. She assumed department leadership for special education at Cherry Run Elementary school in the 2011-12 school year and is excited for a new and challenging year. This past summer, Nia and her daughter Cassidy spent six weeks in Beijing visiting family and consulting for an English summer camp. When they got home the family was in one place for a few weeks and then Maris, Nia’s oldest stepson, left for his freshman year at VCU. Seth (15) is the starting freshman quarterback, and Cassidy turned 3 and started preschool on the same day.

Nia’s husband Matt continues to work on his doctorate at Durham U. in northern England, which means Nia gets to enjoy her annual catch-up with Jessica McClosky over Thanksgiving this year.

I loved hearing from all of you! It’s great to keep up and see your pictures on Facebook. Please don’t hesitate to email me at any time with any updates.