Lindsey Neef Kelly

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Margaret Dally Abate is still in Southern CA working as a hospitalist and enjoying her two kids Alamael (7) and Elionaye (4).

Kate Akers is in Nashville. She is the director of retail sales and marketing for Gray Line of TN and has Ruby (2).

Christy Carl Allison lives in Brambleton, VA, with husband James and daughter Laurel (4). In addition to working for author/educator Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, Christy’s hard at work on her first full-length sci-fi “space opera” novel.

Aimee Armentrout got engaged on Christmas Eve to Jesse Peacemaker; they plan to get married on 10/25/14. She’s in her eighth year teaching kindergarten in Caroline County, VA, but is applying for teaching jobs at private schools. Aimee and Jesse live Ashland, VA, with beagle Molly.

Devon Vasconcellos Bijansky is working at the TX Racing Commission, where she prosecutes drug offenses in horses and contributes to various other projects relating to horse racing. At home, she gardens and focuses on running and triathlon training.

Rachel Bratlie, husband Chris and son Zachary have moved to Hamilton, New Zealand for at least two years, where Rachel will continue to work as an inpatient psychiatrist. She and Chris are expecting another baby in Aug.

Amy Gibbs Brown is living in Atlanta with husband Kenton and two boys, Cooper (8) and Malcolm (6). She’s busy with her design business Amy Brown Interiors. She plays tennis with ALTA.

Angela Walton Carpita still lives, coaches and teaches part time in Annapolis with husband Chris and two boys Tommy(3) and Morgan(2). Angela renewed her connection with Emily Sartor Patterson, and will visit Kibby Bryenton Furgesson ’00 in HI this summer.

Aracelie Castro continues to work in Washington, D.C. as an international trade specialist at the Foreign Agricultural Service.

Brenda Elze and husband Jon Mikan welcomed son Xander Elze in Aug. ’13. She was blessed with visits from Alex Sienkiewicz Auer, Jennifer Schmidt Major, Heather Carson ’00 and had a baby shower thrown by Kim Schmidt Miscavage ’01. Brenda is staying at home since she and Jon moved into a new house in Camp Hill, PA.

After 14 years, Natasha White Gamboa, her husband and two boys left CA last year and bought a home in Glen Allen, VA! She enjoys being able to play tennis, volunteering at school and becoming a part of her new community.

Katelin Chmielinski Garland, Meghan Pollard Leypoldt, and Sarah Kingsley all vacationed together for a week in Nags Head. Meghan’s daughter, Piper, and Katelin’s daughter, Abby, made a perfect team and may be together in the SBC class of 2030. Meghan and Katelin also got together in Los Angeles and ran the LA Marathon together.

Kelly Turney Gatzke and family moved to WA last summer. She is keeping busy as a volunteer-aholic, Army wife and stay-at-home mom.

Lindsey Neef Kelly is still working at Shapiro Brown & Alt, LLP in Virginia Beach, where she represents banks by doing real estate title clearance, foreclosures, and mortgage, banking, and eviction litigation. She recently co-authored several briefs for the Supreme Court of VA. She and Sean are still running a lot and home brewing. Catherine (7) was the youngest finisher at a regional 8K race last Dec. and has started in a kids running program.

Deborah Lanham still resides in Sneads Ferry, NC, with her three children. She is active in the BSA, at church and in the community while working from home as a seamstress.

Heather McLeod and TJ Griffin are still living the dream in Austin, TX, with Eamon, who’ll start first grade in the fall of 2014, and Hazel, who’ll start her last year of pre-K. Both kids got into a new public charter Montessori school opening in the fall. Heather continues to copyedit YA novels for Simon & Schuster part time from home.

Lindsay Hicks Watrous is still living in Gilbert, AZ, with Tim and their three children. She visited with Jera Niewoehner while she was in town on business last Oct.

Shannon Smith married Duane Willis 9/7/13. She is still a veterinarian with Banfield, but is now living and working in Burlington, NC.