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Devon Vasconcellos Bijansky left a bad job situation earlier this year and has been enjoying exploring opportunities in sustainability-related fields and especially loved reconnecting with Lindsay Watrous during a trip to Phoenix.

Rachel Bratlie and husband Chris Taylor welcomed their first child, Zachary Ryan Taylor, on 10/14/11. They’re still living in Oakland, Calif., and loving life as new parents.

Amy Brown got together with Megan Leypoldt in Atlanta; she was happy to show her the house she has been renovating this year.

Christy Carl Allison is in Leesburg with husband James and Laurel (3). When she’s not working for conscious-awareness expert Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, she’s singing and assisting worship at Unity of Loudoun County. Christy is strongly considering ordination and hopes to give her first Sunday message this fall.

Marisha Bourgeois has been busy and wonders if anyone can top her SBC spring/summer alumni fest? This spring she traveled to Austin, where she visited Catherine Zahrn ’98 and Shannon Zahrn and met their magnificent baby who she calls “Koala,” along with Heather McLeod and Devon Bijansky. In Dallas, she saw Jennifer Crutcher. Nessim Yafi, Julie Harju and Kelly Gatzke visited her in D.C. She moved cross-country and met up with fellow SBCer’s along the way: Jill Meadows in W.Va., Erin Vlasaty in St. Louis, and Becky Hamby in Oklahoma City. Now she is a speech language pathologist at a rehabilitation hospital in Ariz. and the southwest correspondent for Cool Like Pie. She wonders when SBC will have a speech pathology degree? It’s a field dominated by women scientists and entrepreneurs. It has pink and green painted all over it. She’s happy blending art and science in her everyday life. Catch her if you can!

Kristine Brown had a baby boy, Tyler Alexander Brown, on 1/16/12, and life has been amazing ever since. Kristine and Andrew love being parents and are continuing to balance family and work. Kristine continues to work at Connecticut Renaissance and has been there for almost six years.

Angela Walton Carpita, her husband Chris, and their son, Tommy (2), welcomed baby Morgan Christopher Hughes Carpita with open arms and hearts on 3/26/12. Angela continues to be in touch with Kibby Ferguson, Astrid Liverman and Mary Lea Harris, and certain “niners,” although she wishes she could see them more! Constantly she remembers Jessica Tinfo with deep fondness, pure laughter and now loves her from a greater distance.

Sarah Dorminey is working at Earth Fare and coaching JV field hockey at Charlotte Country Day School. She is also designing landscapes on the side.

Kelly Turney Gatzke and family are still stationed at West Point (Ben is teaching math). Amelia and Cameron are getting big and keeping them on their toes! The Gatzkes will be on to new adventures in summer 2013 to wherever the Army sends them! She also had a mini-reunion in D.C. this spring with Julie Harju Miskinis, Kelli Rogowski, Erin Vlasaty and Marisha Bourgeois—lots of fun!

Becky Hamby has been working as an executive assistant at Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City. Just celebrated her 5th year with the company. She’s training for her first triathlon, but has no idea which one. She’s looking forward to traveling to the UK this fall, fingers crossed! Enjoying being a single Vixen in the thriving metropolis of Oklahoma City!

Lindsey Neef Kelly and Sean are proud to be sending their oldest, Catherine (5), to kindergarten this fall. Rachel (4), Alice (3) and Joe (1) are still at daycare/preschool. Now that she’s done childbearing, Lindsey’s taken up running, sewing, home-brewing, thrift store shopping, fantasy football, and making homemade spices. (Sean is participating in SOME of these hobbies). In her free time (otherwise known as 9-5 job), she continues her crusade to keep the banks and mortgage servicers afloat.

Deborah Lanham finally joined Facebook and has been having a great time reconnecting with so many great SBC friends! She and the kids still live in Sneads Ferry, N.C. on the coast and all are loving life.

Heather McLeod and TJ Griffin are still in Austin and have children who are three and five. Hard to believe, but great. Heather recently took up freelancing with Simon & Schuster again after taking several years off to parent full-time.

Emily Sartor Patterson and husband Brad are celebrating having both kids in preschool this year: Claire (3) and Tyler (2)! Emily continues to work part-time at Duke Medical Center providing marriage and family therapy for those affected by cancer.

Tina Hansel Snover and family are now living in Grand Junction, Colo. and loving it. She is still maintaining her résumé business and is also now the graduate coordinator at Colo. Mesa U. in the Center of Teacher Education. Her oldest, Brenae (6), started Kindergarten. Lizzie is three. Tina has also started playing soccer again and put together a whole team of Moms. Their team name is the “Mom Squad.”

Tiffany Tyler just got married to Jesse Rodriguez, a wine director for a resort and is living in San Diego; Tasha White Gamboa was in attendance. The reception was in Palm Springs.

Erin Vlasaty is unexpectedly enjoying being a grant writer in St. Louis. She and husband, JP Cooper, are expecting their first son and first child in Nov. and are counting down the days.