Chantel Nicole Bartlett

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Anne Smith Culver and Brian (VMI ’98) are still living in Chesterfield, VA. Anne is in her fourth year of teaching art at Banner Christian School, where all three of her kids attend. Their oldest daughter is 13, second daughter is 11 and son is 8. Brian started a new job with the City of Richmond last March. They volunteer with the church youth group, and Anne was asked to coach middle school girls cheerleading at school. She was never a cheerleader, but you can learn anything on the internet! Anne keeps in touch with Melissa Pembrooke and Andrea Sheetz McCarney, who has opened up her own dance school.

Candince McMillian’s construction company, McMillian & Holden, opened a community center in central city New Orleans, named Exodus Place. Candince wanted to say a special thank you to her Vixen family for all of their support. Daughter Charli Tyler McMillian celebrated her 1st birthday on 2/18/14.

Cady Thomas saw Susan Barney and talked with Serena Putegnat over the holidays. “It was fun to go back to campus for the Homecoming weekend, and I am looking forward to being there in April again for the next alumnae board meeting.”

Candice Broughton Maillard and Chantel Bartlett spent a few days together in early Feb. (Chantel had been in Vegas on business.) Candice reported that it was great having a few days with Chantel, and meeting fellow alumnae and prospective students in Santa Monica for an SBC tea with President Parker. Boys Everest (10) and Judah (8) keep her moving, as does working alongside her husband in his new fitness endeavor. Daughter River is three.

Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett is teaching third, first and preschool to her four kids. She created the first rite-of-passage for her daughter (9), which included seeing Dannah Gresh’s Crazy Hair Tour in Chattanooga, TN. Cynthia and Darrin live10 minutes from Louisville.

In Dec.’13, Anna Meres Wade started a new job at the U. of TN working with distressed students. Patrick and Anna still live in Knoxville, TN, and Patrick continues to enjoy his job as the director of the Pat Summitt Foundation where he is raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease. Patrick and Anna are expecting a little girl in June ’14. “It’s been a long and emotional journey, and we feel so blessed and excited to finally become parents!”