Chantel Bartlett
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The Class of 1998 had a fabulous time celebrating our 15th reunion. An amazing turnout of 32 classmates traveled from all over the US to return to our beloved “pink and green bubble.” Those of you who were not there were greatly missed! We hope you mark your calendars for our 20th Reunion in 2018.
Mary Friberg is living in LA and works PR for Hourglass Cosmetics. Mary shared exciting news that she recently got engaged—he proposed under a full moon on the waterfront in Charleston, SC. The couple will marry in Charleston at Mary’s mom’s home in May 2014. They are super excited! Mary also had a mini SBC reunion with Hobby Holmes Cole, Gannon Hunt and Kate Bryan McCulley in Charleston for a girls’ weekend and they had a blast. Per the picture, it looks like a grand time was had by all!
Emily Busse Schwartz was sad to miss reunion this year but she had a good excuse. The Schwartz family welcomed Cyrus Michael in late July. Big sister Phoebe loves having a baby brother and both sides of the family are thrilled to have the first boy of this generation. Emily hopes to see Ashley Grosvenor Tian, who recently moved to Pittsburgh for a year and Lindsey Hall ’99, who is hoping to come down for the Pitt vs. Notre Dame game. Congrats, Em, on your precious baby!
One of the stars of reunion had to be the daughter of Jory and Rush Harris Mitchell, Katie Anne! Katie Anne turned 2 at the beginning of Sept. The family celebrated her birthday early with a mountain bike trip to NC over Labor Day. Southern Living did a photo shoot of historic Mooresville, AL, and next summer the Mitchell family can be found in the group photo of the 53 town residents. How exciting!
Our dear classmate Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett reports that she has overcome postpartum depression, and is busy homeschooling the Puckett kids: Virginia (8), Abram (6), Eliza (3) and sweet little Joshua (1). The family might move to Florida. Cynthia and Darrin are holding on and praising God for the awesome ride! They celebrated 13 years of marriage at the very romantic Chuck E. Cheese (where else do you go with 4 kids?) and are eager to love on wherever God takes them. Cynthia, we wish your family the best in whatever direction you go. You were greatly missed at Reunion!
Virginia Blair Moss lives in Irvington, VA, with her high-school sweetheart, George. Virginia retired from George Mason University in 6/12, where she served as the coordinator of operations, Loudoun Academic Site. She’s enjoying life by playing golf, sailing, visiting with family and volunteering at the North Neck Free Health Clinic. Virginia reports that her life is simple but she is extremely happy. We’re envious (or at least I am)!
Jennifer Anderson moved back to her home state of MD and has taken over operation of the family heating and air conditioning business, ProTab Inc. It’s a lot of change all at once, but she enjoys being closer to her family and childhood friends.
Laura Fitton Pieper’s miracle baby, Jacob, is doing remarkably well in spite of being born nearly 12 wks. early. She and husband Nathan can’t believe that Jacob turned 1 in Aug. already! Laura is staying home to take care of Jacob instead of returning to her position as managing editor at The Perry Chief. Jacob is an energetic, happy little guy and his parents love him like crazy! Congrats Laura, we hope to meet Jacob at our 20th reunion.
Look at who has an incredibly exciting job! Valerie Walston is going into her 3rd year as an emergency medical technician with the Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue team. On one of CA’s busiest SAR teams, she responds to medical emergencies and traumatic injuries, crime scene evidence searches, helicopter operations, swift-water rescue and fire evacuations. As the team’s public information officer (PIO), she works with the media to ensure timeliness and accurate storytelling. Valerie just began with the Montecito Fire Protection District as PIO. For anyone who is familiar with fire and law enforcement politics, it’s comical that she now represents the sheriff’s office and a fire department! She helps reunite families, initiates pre-hospital care of near-death patients, plays with adorable search puppies, and jumps out of helicopters. She says it’s just another day on the job!
Andrea Sheetz McCarney’s dance school is a great success. Her students participated in an Irish show called Irish Mystique in the DC area. Several world champions competed with some of her students, and her husband played drums. Andrea’s children, 10 and 7, are nationally ranked Irish dancers. Andrea says having her own school keeps everyone very busy but it is a family affair.
Our class president, Cady Thomas, loved seeing everyone at Reunion and wants to thank those who participated in the Annual Fund drive by giving time and money to the wonderful bubble that is Sweet Briar! She is also honored to report that she began a 2-year stint on the Alumnae Board as the regionals chair. She looks forward to working with SBC alums from around the country to promote and enjoy SBC!
Courtney Hayes Toomey and husband Bill (HSC ’99), moved to Houston the day after Christmas last year. He was given the opportunity to be a BB&T regional president, managing Houston, San Antonio and Austin operations. Courtney spent the first 6 mos. getting her medical license and helping Callie (5), Billy (3) and Hayes (1) get acclimated. The 2 older ones started at River Oaks Baptist School in Aug. Courtney now works as the physiatrist at HealthBridge Children’s Hospital. She loves her work and is doing clinical care, marketing and program development. The family is building a new house and hopes to be in it by Christmas.
The entire Yeatman family, Lesya Shroades Yeatman, husband Ken, Connor (11), Rylan (9) and Cody (7), will travel to Colombia to bring back their 3 adopted children. They are Diana (7), Yuli (4) and John (2). WOW Lesya—we await news of the new arrivals and hope that you all will join us on campus in a few years. Maybe Diana and Yuli will be future Vixens!
Candice Broughton Maillard and family are settling into their new home and are busy with renovations. Candice and Richard got away to Palm Springs in Aug., to celebrate 15 yrs. of marriage spanning 2 continents, both sides of the US and much growth in between!
Speaking of on the move, Sam Brodlieb Platner is moving her family to the ’burbs in Milburn, NJ, about 30 mins. from Manhattan. Sam will continue doing PR and events consulting for fashion brands in the city, but Madeline needs a yard. Exciting Sam, can’t wait to see pictures!
Finally, Chantel Bartlett is busy as ever! She still works in DC for a small non-profit and works the front desk at a hair salon in Georgetown. Two jobs is not ideal, but necessary for now. She is looking forward to an upcoming business trip to Colorado Springs in Oct., followed by a local craft fair, where she will sell her jewelry, then a possible business trip to Vegas in Feb., where she will extend her trip to visit with Candice.