Chantel Nicole Bartlett
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Holla! Holla! To the class of 1998! Our 15th reunion is upon us. It’s rather amazing that 15 years has passed since we walked across the stage with our drooping mortar boards and wet gowns. Many of our classmates are gearing up for the fun weekend.

Marnie Tokaruk Bates saw TC Pyle Kennedy for lunch when TC was in Richmond for work. Marnie also sees Susan Barney frequently. Congrats to Marnie and husband Kerry (VMI ’96), on their 13th anniversary in Dec. Between work and the many activities of the Bates kids, Connor (7) and Gillian (4), Marnie said they’re always on the go! Marnie and Kerry are so looking forward to a ski trip to UT in March and then family vacation to Disney at the end of April. We can’t wait to see you in May at Reunion!

After 5 years working in the same role at SunTrust, TCPyle Kennedy was promoted and entrusted to build her own team from the ground up! She is so excited to be offered this opportunity and can’t wait to tackle the challenge. Awesome TC! The new role will mean more travel, which will be fun and hopefully allow her to pop in on alumnae along the way. TC rejoined the swimming nation early last year after a 15-yr hiatus, and she finally succumbed to the pressure of the Swim Atlanta Masters Swim team (SAMS) and has a meet scheduled March 8-9. Oldest son Loki (8) has a green belt in Karate and loves his piano lessons. Daughter Stasi (6) loves school. TC said that she has a bit too much of her mother in her to be helpful, but she is also a green belt in Karate and loves gymnastics. Van (4) is an advanced white belt in Karate and is taking up T-Ball this spring. TC wrote that she is blessed to have her best friend and husband, Burke, around to make this work/life balance thing happen from time to time. We can’t wait to catch up at Reunion!

Since 2010, Dana Bordvick Poleski and husband have been growing Mark’s art business, Sleepy Hollow Art. Mark is a talented sculptor, carving his masterpieces out of wood using a chainsaw. Mark carves these fantastic creations of bears, other wildlife, and totems, while Dana does the marketing and customer relations. Business has picked up over the last year with commissions steadily coming in from throughout VA and as far away as NY and WI. Check it out at www.sleepyhollowart.com. Dana continues her work of 6+ years as advertising and brand manager with Centra, a regional healthcare system. She and her Pecheron/Paint mare, Lydia, and group of riding buddies regularly trail ride throughout VA.

Unfortunately we will miss Gretchen Gravley Tucker at Reunion, but she’ll be vacationing with her family. While we will miss her, the beach is a wonderful reason to be elsewhere! After 15 yrs working at SB, Gretchen accepted a director of admissions position at Emory & Henry Coll. She begins her new adventure in March. Congrats Gretchen, you will be missed!

Another classmate who will be terribly missed is Leslie Fariñas Padrón. Leslie and her husband welcomed Lily López Fariñas on 3/4/13. Class of 2034? Leslie keeps in touch with Maleka Newsome, Sam Brodlieb Platner and Blakeslee Potter Crumbliss. She and Sam had a mini reunion in 4/2012, when Leslie was home in NJ. They spent some time together at Sam’s NYC apt. Leslie and her husband moved to Ibiza, Spain, in 4/2012 where she works as an ER doctor at Hospital Can Misses where Lily was born. Congrats Leslie on baby girl and we’re very proud of your work as an ER doctor! Leslie said that she sends everyone her love and wishes for a great reunion. We will miss you!

Speaking of babies, Hobby Holmes Cole and hubby Taylor welcomed a 2nd addition to their family. John Franklin was born 6/29/12. Franklin is named after Hobby’s father who passed away 2 years ago. Congrats Hobby on your bundle of joy! Hobby and Mary Friberg see one another from time to time. They recently spent time together on a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and they’ll see one another at the Jazz Festival in New Orleans with Carol Skriloff Starr ’00. Hobby will not be joining us this year for Reunion. You will be missed!

Mary Friberg and Sam Brodlieb Platner collaborated on another NY Fashion Week event after working together in 2010. Sam is consulting for multiple global fashion brands and Mary Friberg is worldwide PR director for Hourglass Cosmetics. They made the La Perla show an international success! Great job ladies! Sam said that she is trying to come to Reunion.

Another baby to welcome to our fold is, Jacob Pieper. Laura Fitton Pieper and her husband welcomed little Jacob to their family in August. He arrived 12 weeks early! It was a major surprise, but he was a prize-fighter from the beginning and came home after 71 days in the hospital. He’s been growing like a weed ever since!

On the expecting front, Dawn Everett Grobe is expecting her 2nd son “Peanut” the first week of April. Jackson (4) loves preschool. The family has been able to do a little traveling, spending Thanksgiving in Cancun. Dawn and Tony celebrated 10 yrs of marriage last Aug. The Grobe family will be trekking down to VA for Reunion!

Sadly, another missing classmate will be Andrea Sheetz McCarney. Yet, she has a very exciting event that weekend! She opened her own dance studio, Heart of Ireland School of Dance in Midlothian, VA, and they have a big performance during reunion weekend. Andrea said that 3 of her seniors are graduating that same weekend and one is applying to SBC! Andrea, did you have any influence? Yeah for the pink and green! Andrea and her family live south of Richmond, she has 2 kids (9 and 7). She and Anne Smith Culver keep in touch. Anne is a teacher at a private school in Richmond, and Andrea hopes to have her kids attend Anne’s school. Andrea, we hope that you have a fantastic performance weekend!

Joanne Hopkins will finish her 2nd master’s degree in May, this one in energy policy and climate. She’s still working at EEI, regularly competes in swimming, biking and running events, and uses up every last min. of vacation time each year to see some new part of the world. She will be joining us for Reunion!

Chantel Bartlett will soon celebrate one year at her new job. She runs the daily operations for a small education-focused endowment. They provide scholarships and grants to foster the future of residential construction. Chantel is thankful to be working, but is evaluating other career paths. She travels here and there for work and was able to benefit from a recent business trip to Las Vegas and hopped over to CA to spend a few days with Candice Broughton Maillard and her fabulous family. Despite falling ill with the flu in Vegas, she and Candice spent nearly 3 full days together catching up. It was gorgeous to be able to spend a day walking around Santa Monica while DC froze! Candice’s kids are growing like weeds: Everest, Judah and River. Thankfully Chantel did not bring the flu crud to the family! Chantel keeps in frequent touch with Alicia Foster Wilbun, Kim Izquierdo, and Anna Meres Wade.

Alicia has her hands full taking care of her 3 daughters! Briana turned 7 in Feb., Estelle turned 4 in Jan. and Roslyn turned one in Dec. Those girls are growing so very fast! Bret better work very hard so they can all attend Sweet Briar.

Chantel spent President’s Day weekend in NYC with Kim. They had great fun walking around the MET and then window shopping along Madison Ave. Despite the very cold temperatures, they had great fun. Chantel looks forward to Kim joining her for the drive to Reunion. For all of our classmates who aren’t able to join us for our 15th Reunion, please know that each of you will be greatly missed, but you will be there in spirit. We will be sure to toast to each of you!